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  1. Back to Ryan B.’s comment:

    I’m not sure he’s a terrible character. I probably wouldn’t read a book about him, but that’s not the same thing.
    At first I was a little annoyed that he seems uninterested in even trying to learn combat skills and wondered if Jon would re-think taking him on. Later I liked it better as I started to see it as part of Martin’s overall project of abusing genre expectations – Sam isn’t transformed by the generosity of Jon and his friends in a montage sequence of tough love and hard training, he’s just Samwell Tarly.

    • I guess. And it’s “realistic” in some sense that you would have a whiny, annoying idiot who wouldn’t ever change (although I think he’s slowly changing, given the events of book four, which makes the slowness of it even more infuriating), but I really don’t care about him. If someone killed him, I would honestly cheer. I cannot stand him.

      • I always read Sam as a tribute character to the Sam from LoTRs.

        • He’d have to be some kind of mirror image tribute then. Samwise is tough, physical and rather unintellectual (but wise); Sam is intellectual (wish mayeb some modest wisdom) and utterly a marshmellow when it comes to physicality.

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