Paraphrasing what I told Kyle yesterday, this blog is a politics/religion/philosophy-free zone. However, it is not a hypothetical-free zone and here is the song that I might have posted if it were not a politics/religion/philosophy-free zone:

While writing the Rango review, I found myself listening to Ave Maria and found this great version involving Bobby McFerrin and thought “that’d be a good music post for Ash Wednesday”:

But since this blog aspires to be a politics/religion/philosophy-free zone, here’s something from the 90’s that will make you say “oh, I remember that song!”

So… what are you listening to?


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  1. I’ve been listening to the new Wanda Jackson album a lot. I’m pretty partial to her old music and Jack White has her trying lots of new tricks on this one, but it’s really starting to grow on me.

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