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  1. Not crazy about the lyrics of course (in 8th grade, we made fun of the song because we couldn’t believe that it was real… we thought that Weird Al made the lyrics up).

    The progression of the song, though… the chords… it’s like it came from another planet. One does not find songs like this today. They spilled out of Jimi seemingly effortlessly.

    Sorry about the lyrics, though.

    • The “ain’t no hangman gonna put a rope around me” part is incomparable and nearly justifies the context. But if the lyrics are too much, I always though of Red House as the PG version.

      As for songs like this today, I would humbly submit the White Stripes cover of Death Letter which, while obviously not an original, does the feeling right.

      • Down by the River (by Neil Young) is another guilty pleasure of mine.

        We could probably devote a thread to murder ballads that make us feel guilty for enjoying them…

        (Nick Cave!!!)

        • A brilliant idea! Though not quite a murder ballad, “Brown Sugar” always made my brain uncomfortable.

        • Cocaine Blues, George Thorogood.

          “Early one mornin’ while makin’ the rounds… a took a shot of cocaine and I shot my baby down… I shot her down, then I went to bed, I stuck that lovin’ .44 beneath my head…”

  2. Just got home from soccer and I should be going to bed, but now I’ll be up cruising through my Hendrix collection for the next hour or so. Thanks heaps, Jaybird!

  3. Back in the dark ages before the internet, I had no idea who Jimi Hendrix was. I’d surely heard of him, but not so much that I wanted to learn more. But then two things happened: Winger (yeah, Winger) covered “Purple Haze” (hoooooooorrrrrrribly) and a few years later Richie Sambora covered “The Wind Cries Mary” (not so badly–he throws a few bars of “Machine Gun” into it). It was enough to motivate me to seek out the original, and I picked up “The Ultimate Experience” and never looked back.

    Hendrix makes an appearance in Moon, the biography of Keith Moon I read earlier this year, and The Who thought he was kind of a dick.

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