Dinner Parties

We had a great dinner party on Friday; our friends from Beverly Hills (she’s one of my oldest friends; we went to high school together out here in the Antelope Valley) deposited their kids with grandma and grampa, and we had a great time.

They’re both attorneys but we really didn’t talk about law all that much (well, us guys did while we were barbequing the steak). I think that next week you can see their house on one of The Wife’s “lampshade shows” (watch for episode 404). We had an absolutely wonderful time with them — they’ve promised to cook next time, and we can’t wait.

Next, we have to find a time we can have one of the partners and his wife over; for some reason they claim to rarely go out to other folks’ houses so it’s quite a special occasion to have them over. I accidentally picked a date for the dinner party that The Wife had reserved for an all-day event, so we’ll need to reschedule. But all the same it’s a great thing to entertain and I hope we can do more of it in the future.

Sharing good food and good wine with good friends is what it’s all about.

Burt Likko

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