Plagiarism And Confabulation

It’s getting so you can’t believe what anyone says anymore. No one writes their own material, and even when they do, it’s nothing but fiction.

A best-seller in Europe has been a story of a woman who describes the Nazis taking her parents away from her when she was a little girl, and then walking nearly 2,000 miles to find them after being literally adopted by a pack of wolves. Turns out — she made the whole thing up. She’s not even Jewish.

A Bush White House aide lifted whole sections of someone else’s work to write an op-ed for a newspaper. He got resigned for that today.

Deval Patrick (the Governor of Massachusetts) doesn’t think that Barack Obama took more than “two words” of one of his own speeches, but apparently he and Obama share material all the time and don’t tell anyone.

Hillary Clinton, she who cast the “plagiarism” stone at Obama, is not above criticism herself:

It’s getting so you can’t believe what anyone says about anything anymore; how are we supposed to make a decision about anything when no one says anything of their own and on those rare instances when they do it’s just plain not true?

Burt Likko

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