How To Apologize

It’s hard to admit you were wrong about something. It’s harder to admit you were wrong about it when you stuck your neck wa-a-a-a-a-ay out in favor of the wrong position. And it’s even harder than that when you were paid money to do it.

The elements of a good apology are 1) an acknowledgement of one’s own past error, 2) an acknowledgement of the harm caused to others by the error, 3) a resolution to do what is in the apologizer’s power to remediate that harm, 4) a commitment to not repeat the error, and 5) a request for reconciliation.

Louis J. Marinelli, formerly of the anti-marriage National Organization for Marriage, was wrong. He has reversed his position and now supports equal rights for same-sex couples to be married. And he apologizes.

Burt Likko

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  1. You left out 6) Asking the person you’re apologizing to for money.

    OK, I believe he’s sincere, but honestly, that’s the last thing I thought he was leading up to.

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