Flavored Ice Water

The Wife bought a beverage dispenser, which holds about 3 liters of liquid. On a weekend morning, I will cut a lemon thin, put it in the bottom of the dispenser, then pile ice on top of that, and fill it up with water. It then goes outside with us and when we’ve drunk most of the water, and the summer temperature gets really hot, then it’s time to head back in to the great indoors where we have air conditioning.

Well, it turns out that if you put lemon and something else in that ice water, it gets even better. Four strawberries, a few strands of verbena, a sprig of rosemary, or this weekend’s triumph of non-alcoholic refreshment, an unpeeled, mandolined cucumber have all lent a tremendous taste to the ice water. The flavor adds a perk of energy and happiness.

I’d try melon rinds, but I save those for liquor infusions.

Burt Likko

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  1. Sun tea. Plus all yr xtras, wailin’.

    Dunno about the rosemary. It grows here like weeds. Just my luck it doesn’t ring my bell, but I’m allowed. It’s a free country.

    • In particular, try the Good Earth tea blend (the real stuff, not the herb tea.)

      • That’s strong stuff! Lots of cinammon and bergamot in the Good Earth tea; it’s not for the timid but it certainly doesn’t need sugar.

      • @ Bob Cheeks Sorry Mike–Kain’s not relenting. Send me a bill–postage and effort should be compensated. THANKS!

        Bob, have missed you! Breaking news–you have just been named the 12th Caliphate!

        So we’ve had 17,498 deadly terror attacks since 9/11. And somehow, in the demented and deranged minds of Lefties, a handful of true, blue, Kool-Aid drinking certified nuts makes “Christians” equal to the Jihadists. Go figure.

        Be prepared–Desperate Desperados are getting ready to throw their entire arsenal at the Christian Crusaders–the King David hotel, 1996 Olympic bombing, the Crusades, USS Liberty, so they have about 10 or so “right-wing” terror attacks, we have over 17,000 DEADLY attacks since 9/11. Sounds equivalent to me.

        Thanks a million for the outstanding, great reply, Burt! Looking forward to discussing this more with you–have to go to work now–why don’t grave diggers have a Union? It’s not like the dead take weekends off. I painted two of the hearses grass-green–saved losts of $$$ and don’t need to purchase more trucks–at least not for now. It’s not easy being a grave digger and a sex therapist at the same time. Oh well, no complaints. See ya

        • Mr. Kain, when I read some of the truly offensive, vulgar, uncivil crap that gets slung around here–to be banned for ????not sure exactly–poor manners? Forgetting to tuck in my shirt? Shoes not polished well enough? Taking the name of the Lord my God in vain? Not taking my hat off when a woman entered the room? You said weeks ago that you going to post a new essay about the rules of commenting and posting. What happend? Unless I missed something, haven’t seen anything on that subject written by you.

          • Dude, Blogger is free, and nobody will ban you from your own blog.

            Just sayin’.

  2. On the strength of this endorsement, today was cucumber water experiment day. It’s really a wonderful accompaniment to a summer afternoon. Now I’m eyeing my herb garden and pondering if basil would be nice.

    • When you asked that I flashed on Basil Fawlty, who is anything but nice. Neither is Basil Seal. This makes me wonder — in all of fiction, is there a character named Basil who is nice?

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