Monday Trivia, No. 26

Not unlike last week, what is it that these U.S. cities lack? Quite unlike last week, the correct answer is not “NFL franchises.”

In descending order of population as measured in the 2010 census, the cities which lack [the answer to this week’s question] are: Austin, Texas; Tuscon, Arizona; Omaha, Nebraska; Arlington, Texas; Anaheim, California; Aurora, Colorado; Lexington, Kentucky; Stockton, California; Lincoln, Nebraska; and Henderson, Nevada.

Burt Likko

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  1. No light rail/commuter rail? Though I suppose how one defines “rail”, but I’m referring to a train system beyond a subway…

  2. Trumwill-
    “In descending order of population as measured in the 2010 census, the cities which lack…”

    • If that were the answer, the clues would have been Rome, Italy; Milan, Italy; Naples, Italy; Florence, Italy; etc. There are no Chinese restaraunts in Italy, at least none that I’ve ever seen.

      I don’t know if there are any Italian restaraunts in China, mainly because I’ve never been to China.

      • There are absolutely Italian restaurants in China. I’ve eaten at at least one on the mainland and several in Hong Kong.

  3. Tuesday hint: the answer to this question relates to the answer to a previous Monday Trivia question. Protip: it’s still not NFL franchises.

    • Went through the list of previous trivia questions. The one about vice presidents who attended public university had me going, because Anaheim is the biggest city in California without a public university (assuming you allow East Bay for Oakland. It’s kinda split across several cities, IIRC). But then I realized that Austin is at the top of the list.

      So my new guess is that they lack statues of famous Italians.

    • The Dalai Lama has never been beaned at a baseball game held at any of the state colleges in those cities.

      • That’s true but as far as I know, he also has never taken in a baseball game at San Francisco State, so we’re out there too.

  4. Wednesday hint: these cities may seem more modest than their counterparts for not adopting [the answer to this week’s puzzle].

  5. Thursday hint: in cities with [the answer to this week’s puzzle], you’ll find them at City Hall, pretty much for sure, probably proudly displayed both in the City Council’s meeting room and out in front of the building where everyone can see.

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