Snow White and the Huntsman

Well this looks interesting. Hadn’t even heard about it until now. Snow White is, of course, an extremely dark story so an adult version might make sense. I have no idea if it will be a retelling of the original or take some wildly different plot. Either way it could be either very good or spectacularly bad. We shall see.



I’ve long lamented the fact that we’re probably not ever going to get a movie series or television show based on Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars trilogy because it’s too big, and too deeply rooted in discussions of science, to translate for a mass audience. But it sounds like Neill Blomkamp’s post-District Nine project, Elysium, in addition to boasting a cast that includes Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, Alice Braga, Diego Luna, and Sharlto Copley, may be exploring some of the same things I’d hoped we’d get out of a Mars project. A viral teaser for the movie comes in the form of an advertisement for a fictional company called Armadyne advertising for folks who work in everything from “zero g welders, mega-structure engineers, quantum networkers” to “zero g coupling and multi-generational planning”.

I regret to say I have never read Robinson’s Mars trilogy. Maybe when I’m done with Dance with Dragons I’ll pick it up. Or when I’m done with the Abercrombie books.

I need to spend more time reading and less time…sleeping I guess. But Elysium sounds fascinating. I was a big fan of District 9.

Super 8

I’m going to have a full post up on Super 8 when I have the time. For now, let me just say: please see this movie. If you liked The Goonies or E.T. or Alien you will like this film. Instant classic as far as I’m concerned. Exactly what I want in a movie.