Can the Occupy Movement Tackle Crony Capitalism?

In a comment on Shawn Gude’s previous post on the main page about the Occupy movement, I asked who the “1%” is and whether Occupy protesters were primarily aggrieved about “Wall Street,” or whether they were aggrieved about “wealth inequality”… Continue Reading

California Legislature Proposes Racial Discrimination in University Admissions Policy

Via Pacific Legal Foundation, the California Legislature recently passed a bill, SB 185, that would require the state’s public universities to discriminate on the basis of race and gender in their admissions policies.  Here’s the relevant text of SB 185:… Continue Reading

The Constitutional Conservatism Newspeak

“Liberals are the true conservatives of this generation,” a growingly popular line of argument goes, “because liberals are the guardians of the new American tradition—the New Deal tradition—against the reactionary onslaught of the fake, revanchist ‘conservatives.’ True constitutional conservatism,” the… Continue Reading