Nick Hanauer asks a lot of the middle class

Nick Hanauer’s TED talk—the one that apparently was “banned” (i.e., not immediately released on the TED site but available on YouTube)—makes the argument that middle class consumers, not businesses, create jobs.   Consumo ergo sum, as Fr. Robert Sirico describes the… Continue Reading

Under Siege: How Government Centralization and Expansion Puts Democracy in the Service of Special Interests

In its first full year of business in 1998, the 99 Cents Only store in the north Los Angeles city of Lancaster did over $5 million in sales. This was welcome news to the city, given the space had been… Continue Reading

Can the Occupy Movement Tackle Crony Capitalism?

In a comment on Shawn Gude’s previous post on the main page about the Occupy movement, I asked who the “1%” is and whether Occupy protesters were primarily aggrieved about “Wall Street,” or whether they were aggrieved about “wealth inequality”… Continue Reading