Why Faith?

In my latest at Vox Nova, I look at the relationship of faith and love.  A sample:

The faith for which I strive doesn’t give me certainty about the origins of the cosmos or the ultimate destiny of humankind. It doesn’t rid me of doubts, and it doesn’t comfort me.  Instead, faith gives me the grace to give myself to another in love knowing that my love may bear no visible fruit and that it will inevitably break my heart and leave me irreparably broken.  Faith makes it possible for me to love with all my being while understanding only too well that those I dearly love may be taken from me at any moment.  To have this faith is to believe that love has no time constraints and that death does not invalidate the logic of love.  Time cannot constrain love, even if the time to show a lifetime of love lasts only for mere hours or minutes or a moment.

Kyle Cupp

Kyle Cupp is a freelance writer who blogs about culture, philosophy, politics, postmodernism, and religion. He is a contributor to the group Catholic blog Vox Nova. Kyle lives with his wife, son, and daughter in North Texas. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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