Oh, my goodness. I wanted to write an essay here but, instead, I am beat down from a crazy week.

So *MY* plans for the weekend include: laundry, getting a burned-out taillight fixed, going to Costco/PetsMart/Safeway, and, maybe, seeing Sucker Punch. If not Sucker Punch, maybe seeing Red.

What’s on your docket?


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  1. I was thinking of seeing Sucker Punch myself at some point. I’d be keen to hear what you think of it (should you see it).

    • Zach Snyder is an interesting director.

      300 was a hot mess (the trailer was *AWESOME*, though).
      Watchmen was a hot mess.
      Legend of the Guardians was so by-the-numbers that it transcended itself and became entry-level Campbell for the children.

      I fully imagine that Sucker Punch will be a hot mess.

      Or, maybe, he’s getting better at this.

      • I don’t think I understand the term “hot mess”, could you elaborate?

        I didn’t see 300, but I thought Watchmen did a remarkably good job of translating the material. I think even Alan Moore said it could have been worse.

        • “Attractive disarray”, I think gets to what I mean.

          Oh, it could have been a *LOT* worse.

          The problem, for me, was that it was extraneous. Anything it did well was done better by the comic and anything the comic kinda messed up was magnified thirtyfold by the excesses of the movie.

          • Ah, thanks I don’t think that’s a term we use down here.

            I mentioned the “it could be worse” because given Moore’s attitude to adaptations to his work, “it could be worse” is pretty high praise.

            But I do see what you mean about it going over the top.

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