Oh, one of the things I forgot to mention about the Harry Dresden game the other day was that most nouns in the game have “aspects” that can be appealed to in the interest of the story… and these appealed to aspects can help you by allowing you to re-roll a bad roll or add two to a mediocre-to-good one.

The system uses “fudge dice”, that is, dice with two pluses, two blanks, and two minuses (or, of course, you can use regular dice) and the basic idea is that you need to roll four of these and add up the pluses and subtract the minuses and figure out how successful you were to do any given something… like, you need a 1 to do something boring and normal, roll a 3 to do something cool, roll a 5 to do something amazing, and roll a 7 to do something *EPIC*. (You have a handful of skills that are likely to provide bonuses… so you probably have a 2 in driving, a 4 in investigation, a 1 in intimidate… that sort of thing)

It’s the aspects that allow you to appeal to various situations and spend some of your refresh to give re-rolls or bonuses.

For example, an aspect of a mall could be “crowded” and so it’d be easy to lose a tail there. An aspect of a warehouse could be “dark” so it’d be easy to hide from hoodlums who are making a deal. Additionally, you can appeal (once, but better than nothing) to an aspect that you created… so, like, if you knocked out the lights on the warehouse, you could get a plus two or re-roll for some action you are taking that takes the new darkness in the warehouse into account without having to spend one of your precious, precious refresh to do it.

What we’re going to get into on Thursday is how *YOU* have aspects. (And, by extension, so does everybody else.)


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