When I was a teenager and then a kid in my early twenties, the whole “romantic love” thing meant a very particular thing to me. I spent time reading Marlowe, among others, and thinking that Ralegh, for example, was a jerk. My Greek professor, however, gave us a speech one day about his relationship with his wife that went something to the effect of (this is the short version) “I’m no longer falling. I’m there.” This made little sense to me, when I was in my 20’s.

As I grow older, however, I’m beginning to dig what he was saying. The best comparison, in song, that I’ve found is Joan Armatrading. She’s awesome, as I’m sure you know. (If you don’t know, she’s likely one of the folks that makes you say “oh *THAT* is who sings that song that I love! I never knew her name!”)

Anyway, here’s “Love and Affection” as performed in 1976 (I found a version from when she was in Germany that was, I think, better… but it’s since been removed).

Gorgeous song, right? I’m sure you’re thinking of someone even now… but check *THIS* out:

Do you hear that? Despite the fact that it’s her song written by her 30 years prior (I’m pretty sure that this was recorded in the last 5 years), it’s a *COMPLETELY* different song!

In any case, this is one of the songs that I’d probably have to play for the aliens if they showed up and asked me to explain “love” to them. I’d play both versions and explain that they’re about two different types of relationships.

In any case, I hope you have had a good date in recent memory. If you haven’t, rectify that.


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