I think my favorite genre of music currently is the hazy fuzzy stuff from the mid to┬álate 90’s. The guitars, the voices that came as if from behind a curtain, the singing that carried feeling more than meaning… ah, that stuff just lets me get in a zone where I can write for hours, or game for hours, or drive for hours, or just sit.

Hum is one of the bands that did this the best, I thought. Their album You’d Prefer An Astronaut was introduced to me via KIKX, 102.7 “The Max” when they put “Stars” in heavy rotation:

That’s a good song but the kicker is that the entire album is that strong. My favorites include the opener of the album, “Little Dipper”, and “I’d Prefer Your Hair Long” (which has an amazing live version done here):

Keep in mind though: the entire album is this good.

So that’s my recommendation for you this week.


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  1. This has long been one of my favorite albums, particularly “Why I Like the Robins” (and the ones you list, too).
    I was nearly dumped once when I ‘ruined’ “I Hate It Too” by suggesting the most likely interpreation was the singer’s dissatisfaction with his lady friend’s ummm. . . . manual skills.

    I did prefer Downward is Heavenward, though it’s popular failings basically killed the band off.

    • Really? I bought Downward is Heavenward and listened to it and enjoyed it and keep forgetting to put it in CD books for the car. It didn’t haunt me like this album does.

      • I listened to it more or less nonstop for a year when I was in college.
        Give it another shot, especially “Coming Home” and “The Scientists”. It’s a lot less hook driven than You’d Prefer an Astronaut, so depending on what it is you love about YPaA, it might not scratch where you itch.

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