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  1. Listening to the Stooges a lot lately and Suzi Quatro. Also the new Fucked Up album “David Comes Alive”.

    • Hey Rufus, great taste in music! Suzi Quatro was my neighbor. Great girl-I was just a little kid but she once in a while would let me listen in to band practice–I just loved that group—I even got her (I practiced 7 hours a day to get it right) to sing Silent Night-in the middle of July!! She’s a great talent a beautiful girl and lots of fun to be around.

      I’m not familiar with your other choices–any recommendations?

      For what it’s worth, am immersed with Das Lied von der Erde by Gustav Mahler. Try it out–you might even like it! See ya.

  2. I find that when summer comes I like to listen to less serious music. RIght now: a whole lot of Black Keys, Pink Martini and Beck.

      • You know, it’s like in winter I want to sit down with an Arcade Fire or Death Cab album, punch up the lyrics, and listen to the whole experience the artist had in mind when they made the work.

        In summer, I want to put the top down, crank Howlin’ for You and sing like an idiot – or throw on Pink Martini in the kitchen while I’m drinking margaritas and dance like an idiot.

        Beck’s cool in as much as I can do the one in the winter and the other in the summer with him.

        • My idea of “less serious” involves multiple iterations of “booty” or otherwise booty related paraphernalia.

    • RTod–not at all familiar with your choices but, given that it’s coming from you, I’ll have to give it a shot–thanks, RTod

      Which selections do you like most? Always a good place to start.

      In addition to the Mahler, I’m in a state of delirium over Beethoven’s last 5 piano sonatas. Pure ZTC! He plummets and soars, like no human being can. Of course, who said he’s a human being?–he and all the other the gone cats dwelleth in an all together different but parallel universe.

      Good thing the scalpel wasn’t applied to Herr Beethoven. Look at what we would have lost. That really is the most and best reason to oppose abortion. We can’t as a society even begin to know the loss of human life we’ve had because of those forceps and curettes and cannulas.

      Crushing the scull to make an easier extrance into the world is pitiful and barbaric. No less than being burned at the stake which is how abortions should be performed and carried outs. We need to see the ghastly horrors of abortion in every single drop of blood shed by an innocent infant.

      • H –

        First of all, don’t come to the party expecting Mahler. That being said…

        Black Keys – Grungy roots-blues. Their latest album, Brothers, is both their most accessible and my favorite. And there’s a good bet that unless you live in a cave (and you might, H, you might) you have heard their two singles from that album, Tighten Up and Howlin’ for You.

        Pink Martini – An eclectic world music band out of Oregon, that makes these diverse albums that can go from rhumba to salsa to funk to French cafe music from song to song. My favorite album is Hang On Little Tomato.

        Beck – LA guy that is a lot like a Neil Young/Joe Jackson is as much as his albums all seem to come from completely different artists.Everyone I know says Odelay is his best album, but I have always been partial to Midnight Vultures.

        • Thanks so much, RTod!

          I promise I will listen to every note–music sounds very interesting. I’m woefully ignorant of this genre of music, but I’ll try–it certainly sounds interesting, though, so many thanks, RTod. I’m looking forward to this new, musical adventure!

          I don’t how I’ll get back to you-I’m banned from the League. Perhaps, pigeons? We’ll work something out. So long.

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