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  1. OMG, Gnip Gnop! I wanted that soooo much when I was a kid. Sadly I had to make do with an actual ping-pong table instead.

    Just rented Heavenly Sword – I’m not a big hack ‘n slash fan, but it was fun. Some great characters, and I really never got tired of staring at the character I was controlling.

  2. I finally coughed up $2.89 for Breath of Death VII and Cthulhu Saves the World. I’m starting with the former, and it’s pretty witty so far.

      • If you’re thinking to yourself “I wish I could play a lightly sarcastic unofficial Dragon Quest game” you should buy it immediately. It’s not going to have you rolling off your chair, but it’s witty enough a take that I’m still enjoying it 3 hours in or so, so I’ve easily eclipsed it’s price before I’ve even installed Chthulu saves the world.

        The game itself is hard. I think I was spoiled by all the Final Fantasy games where the random overland combat is easy and the hard part was grinding your characters up to a high enough level to dispatch the boss encounters.
        In BoD VII the enemies are strong enough that you’ll almost always have to spend MP to win every fight. HP replenishes completely after each fight, but you only get a little MP back, so you’re constantly managing how to get through any given encounter without getting your characters killed, but using the minimum MP so you can survive all the way through the dungeon.

  3. I’m still playing HOMMV. It’s taking a long time, possibly because I insist that my long legacy of playing the game means I am entitled to play it only on hard difficulty. But I’m enjoying it a lot.

    The story, though is nothing to sing about.
    Ranger Campaign (Campaign #5): The King: “You must find the emerald dragons to save the Kingdom because they abandoned our cause years ago when I was young.”
    Me: Really? Because I was playing the Demon campaign like last week and you goddamn elves kept hammering the fish out of me with emerald dragons. Maybe you could go to the borders and ask the elves there to loan you some emerald dragons.

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