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  1. Just read the new ultimate spidey and ultimate X-men.

    The first bit of the new spidey (a flashback to Norman Osborne helping establish the origin of the new spidey’s powers) was amazing. The rest of it was so-so. The guy who’s about to get spider powers is just in the background while his family gets most of the dialog, and his family isn’t that intersting. It reads little off–like a rich white guy writing about poor black people is maybe trying a little bit too hard. But it’s the same Bendis who’s been writing the USM I’ve enjoyed for the past decade, so I’ll give it a chance to win me over. It’ll probably get better once the new spider man actually gets more than one line of dialogue.

    The new X-men was pretty amazing, though. Shaping up to be my favorite book. I like this Johnny Storm is an X-man thing (and I hope his continued presence in the series means we’ll see more of the wonderfully awkward romance between him and the gender-swapped Peter Parker clone.)

  2. I’m listening to Dance/Dragons. I’m on vacation this week, so there’s a chance that I finish it up while I’m here. After that, I may take a break from audiobooks and start listening to TV shows again for a bit. Or I may go back to Graphic Audio.

    Speaking of which, any interest in a guest post on Graphic Audio’s selection of DC Comics works? I’ve listened to most of them.

  3. Streaming Netflix just got Breaking Bad (or I just noticed it), so I’m going to rewatch those while waiting for season 4 to come out on DVD.

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