In the vein of things in which I have partaken, and continue to partake, without being able to recommend them, allow me to mention Dragon Age Legends on Facebook.

It’s actually a real facebook RPG. Free to play (though “premium” content will cost you… but you already knew that).

There is tactical turn-based combat (you can win or lose a fight depending on the choices you make). There are multiple player classes. There are multiple skill trees. There are all kinds of loot. There are all kinds of maps. There is castle-building. There is even clan-to-clan fighting.

The problem is that most of it feels like pushing a button to get a pellet. Oh, in three minutes, I’ll be able to do *THIS*. In five minutes, I’ll be able to do *THAT*. If I get in two more fights I’ll have enough gold to buy a furnace that will increase the productivity of my potion room by one potion.

Pellet. Pellet. Pellet.

That said, there are worse things than pellets. Especially free.

The fighting is fun and you have to think about how you want the fight to play out. The castle building is a positive delight and you’ll find yourself re-arranging and sorting your rooms to maximize potion/bomb/health kit output.

And, after a few months, you’ll forget about it.

I haven’t yet, of course… but, man. I can’t wait until I do.


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  1. Thanks, for getting me addicted to this…

    Excuse me, have to grab a pellet.

  2. I’ve been playing Castle Age since about a week after it came out.

    I’ll write a post about it some time. From a online community gaming perspective, it’s practically worth a research project in and of itself.

  3. Weren’t you the one who was addicted to that one RPG where you just kept pressing the space bar until your time for the day was done?

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