I’ve given this a lot of thought and I think that this post works better on Thursday Night/Friday Morning than on Friday Night. (Let me know if I got that wrong.)

This is the *LAST* weekend before “the holidays” start driving everybody crazy. As such, we have to make this weekend absolutely crazy. Right?

Tonight will be devoted to laundry given that Saturday will be full all day with errands and gaming that night (I hope to have the conversation about a game that will last 2-3 months rather than onesy-twosy nights) and Sunday will be devoted to chores and then going to my local Blast Area to check out Survivor Series.

What’s on your docket?


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  1. Well, my plan *was* stay home on Saturday and Sunday nights and get a lot of work done on my assignments, especially the one that’s due soon.

    I must’ve forgotten we were gaming this weekend? I’d 1000 X rather do it next. (I called Dman and left a message.)

  2. Saturday’s pretty locked up – last soccer tourney of the year for our younger son, and then tuning in the Ducks-Trojans matchup while chomping on some grilled dead animal.

    Sunday – some work, some relaxing, some posting maybe.

  3. I have the in-laws and everybody in my family (all sibs, their spouses, children, plus my parents) coming over for Thanksgiving. The in-laws are traveling, so they’re going to be here all week, pretty much.

    This is a long-winded way of saying, “I’m cleaning the house”.

  4. One last crack at leaf blowing (I live in a forest, so it’s really more a matter of shifting them than cleaning them up) and then power wash the deck and pool patio. Practice for my Sunday afternoon cello lesson, which is pointless, because I always play comparatively terribly at lessons no matter how hard I practice in between. But hope springs eternal that this time I will sound like Piatigorsky in his prime and not like I’m unsuccessfully attempting to strangle a water buffalo.

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