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  1. A lot of Shadows of the Damned. I might do some prep work for the last segment of Alpha Squad as I’d like to make sure that I finish the FAQ for that before Dec 13th.

    • Oh, and Total Overdose (the answer to the question “What if Saint’s Row had come out for the PS2…….and was directed by Robert Rodriguez?)

  2. Picking away at the Riddler trophies and such — I’m lagging you by 100 or so. When I said a couple weeks ago that there was no way that salesgirl finished the game in 10 hours, I didn’t realize how close to the end I was.

    Up next is probably Uncharted 3, which I will attempt to obtain by swapping Arkham City with a co-worker.

    • I got my 320ish trophies and asked myself, really asked myself, “do I want 400?”

      I came to the answer: “No.”

      • I’m just waiting to finish some of the time-triggered side missions, then I’ll put it aside. For a while, anyway — I do have a nasty completionist streak sometimes.

        • Completionism always comes down to “Does this set off my OCD?/Is this cool?”

          Getting all the costumes in Marvel Ultimate Alliance=Yes
          Picking up all the Orbs in Enslaved:Odyssey to the West=No.

          • Maribou explained to me that my question was not “Do I want 400?” because, of course, I want 400. I want 440!

            My question was “Do I want 400 more than I want to play Skyrim?”

            No. No I do not.

          • Having been disappointed by the last two Song of Ice and Fire books, am I going to read the next one, if it even comes out? Am I going to precede that by spending a month or so re-reading the first five? Barring reviews that say “GRRM has hit his stride again”, would I have any reason for those other than completionism?

            I’m afraid the answers are yes, yes, and no respectively

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