Some people are born with family, some achieve family, and some have family thrust upon them.

We spent Thursday at our family that we were born with. Friday we will be spending time with the family that we have achieved. Saturday will be the gaming session that happened to not happen last week. Sunday will be, one hopes, a day of rest and laundry.

So… what’s on your docket?


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  1. *notes that Jay’s “family we were born with” is her family thrust-upon. though she is much fonder of them than that description implies*

    • Probably the Kinect for a few hours.

      Then back to Skyrim and other “let’s sit down” kinda games.

        • That will be Saturday. We’ll probably be playing Quarriors again and I hope to play another couple of games of King of Tokyo.

  2. Thursday and Friday, spent time with kids and adopted family.

    Saturday and Sunday, teach myself enough about distributed XA transactions to write a conforming Resource Manager.

  3. Attended Thanksgiving at my Aunt Glenda’s in Kansas with tons of family. Thanksgiving is really the only holiday my family gathers for, and this one was extra special as it most likely marks the last time Aunt Glenda will be making Thanksgiving dinner. Age will most likely force a passing of the tradition on to one of my very capable cousins. I don’t envy them the shoes they’ll be attempting to fill.

  4. In-laws!

    We had All Our Immediate over for Thanksgiving Day. Kitty, me, our two Jack and Hannah, my sister Ann, her husband Dave, their 6-month old Benny, sister Megan, nephew Liam, brother Tom, sister-in-law Kelly, their 5 year-old daughter Maggie, toddler Morgan and baby Mary, my parents, and Kitty’s parents John and Toni visiting from New Mexico, and my Uncle Pat.

    Friday we had Megan and Liam and John and Toni. Saturday we had John and Toni and Kitty’s cousin Paul, his wife Teresa, and 6-month old Tallulah. Sunday we had John and Toni and Toni’s brother Bill and his wife Nancy who happened to be in SoCal and her daughter Terry and son Jav and her daughter and his daughter and toddler son.

    And we ate a lot of leftovers. And I didn’t use the computer much.

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