One would think that we’d be well into slowdown period what with everybody slowing down due to the upcoming holidays but no, things are actually getting crazier. We’ve got to fix this problem, deliver that package, tweak this startup script, and figure out why samba is suddenly oh-so-very moody. It is *FRIDAY*, however!

Which means that we get to switch from job-related craziness to craziness that feels much more optional in nature.

Saturday we’re going to be sharing a meal with our friends who got married last month (they did the traditional thing of getting married and then immediately getting sick) and this is the first weekend where everybody can get together to sit quietly for a meal.

Sunday we have to choose between the WWE’s Tables, Ladders, and Chairs PPV at our local sports bar and watching the Denver Tebows take on the handsomest man in the NFL at our local sports bar.

And all of these things will be punctuated by errands, chores, and laundry, sweet sweet laundry.

What’s on your docket?


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  1. We’re taking our daughter to the City (there is only one “the City” in the world, BTW) for the first time….see the Tree, go to the Met (they have free art classes for 3 year olds!), get some chow. Then on Sunday I expect to vacillate between watching my Bills go for consecutive loss number 7 and debating whether to root harder against Tebow or Brady. The only thing for certain is that bourbon will be heavily involved, as will Johnny Cash’s version of “Hurt.” I am leaving instructions for my wife to keep all sharp objects locked up on Sunday.

    Speaking of the whole Tebow and Brady thing…
    1. This week, ESPN has been seriously arguing the question of “Tebow or Brady….who would you rather have?” Seriously. How does this question even get asked? By what metric does Tebow even get mentioned in the same book, much less the same chapter, much less the same paragraph, much less the SAME FISHIN’ SENTENCE when we’re talking about great QBs? You want to ask “Tebow or Newton?” Fine. Knock yourself out. But if you want to ask “Tebow or Brady” then we better be in the year 2020, with Tebow having won three Super Bowls, broken multiple records (whether they be in the passing or running department I care not), having had an undefeated regular season, and having won close to 80% of his career games.

    2. Is there anything more unintentionally absurd than ESPN constantly overhyping Tebow, led of course by Skip Bayless, while simultaneously complaining about how Tebow is overhyped, and that this overhyping is the sole fault of the media, which of course ESPN dominates, without even once mentioning their own involvement in that overhyping?

    • Is there anything more unintentionally absurd than ESPN constantly overhyping Tebow, led of course by Skip Bayless, while simultaneously complaining about how Tebow is overhyped, and that this overhyping is the sole fault of the media, which of course ESPN dominates, without even once mentioning their own involvement in that overhyping?

      The explanation for all this silliness is really quite simple:

      Brett Favre stayed retired this time.

          • Mark is a Bills fan, right?

            Aren’t they generally the most bitter football fans on da Earth?

          • I wouldn’t say bitter. Philly fans are bitter. Jets fans are bitter. Bills/Sabres fans are more….well, it’s a long story. If the Sabres continue to do well, maybe I’ll do a writeup on this around Dyngus Day, which I’m hoping to attend this Spring.

            But bitter implies a certain unpleasantness that’s not really present with Bills fans. It’s more that there’s a level of inordinate investment in those teams because of the lack if anything else in Buffalo/WNY combined with the area’s unique culture, combined with the fact that so many from that region have left it for economic reasons even as they still love it, and the Sabres and Bills provide a way of staying connected with that. It’s been shown that the economic output of WNY increases by around 20% on the Monday after a Bills win.

  2. Hey! You’re only allowed to talk about Tebow if you’re praising his courage or talking about how it doesn’t matter that he doesn’t throw a good ball because he plays with so much heart and just knows how to win. Anything else is intolerance (and also dangerously close to politics, so I’ll shut up now).

    As to how Tebow could get mentioned in the same sentence as Brady, I suppose you could say that Brady is clearly one of the greatest to ever play the position (more rings than Elway!) and Tebow could potentially maybe be one of those guys but it’s too early to comment. But that would totally derail the hype train and ESPN doesn’t want that.

    • Heh.

      One would think that ESPN would try to keep things at a level where it didn’t come across as unintentional self-parody, though. Frankly, it’s gotten to the point where it’s cost their morning radio show at least one listener (me! though it helps that I just discovered the awesomeness that is the Dan Patrick Show).

    • more rings than Elway!

      Imagine what Elway could have accomplished if Dan Reeves were willing to cheat!

      (Heck, imagine what he could have accomplished if Dan Reeves was able to conceive anything but “run/run/pass/punt”.)

  3. Imagine if the Broncos did not have a really good defensive squad, or from my Louisiana viewpoint, think how good the Saints would be if they had the Broncos defensive squad. Also, I got to see the Saints squash the Pats 38 to 17 a couple of years ago. That was a fun game.
    As for what I am doing this weekend, it probably will be yelling at the cable company because it if very messed up. We get about six stations and they are not the ones we usually watch. For instance, the sci-fi station is coming in on about 40 different numbers and cspan is coming in on about sixty. We have been getting weirdness from it for a while and finally a superintendent is coming tomorrow or Sunday. At least the cable company is giving us a 75 dollar cut in the bill.

  4. Do you believe that god gave his only begotten Tebow to lead the Broncos out of the wilderness? Minor point, I know lots of people who went to LSU and hating that exGator is part of our genetic makeup. His perpetual praying justs makes it easier.

  5. Hoping we get a chance to squeeze a movie in there. The Muppets, in particular. (It’ll help me not overuse my stupid shoulder. *puppy dog eyes*)

      • On the contrary, such a huge Sherlock fan I’m afraid to watch these movies. I had the books almost memorized when I was a youngster. (Lost now; one of the many casualties of passing org chem, biochem, molecular bio, & their rote-memorization ilk.)

  6. This might be the first weekend ever where I get to make gaming comments here. Yesterday was my birthday, and my son bought me Arkham City – and express permission to use his X-Box to play it.

    This will be the first computer game I’ve played since Jedi Kight: Dark Forces II back when my kids were in swaddling’ clothes.

    • He will regret both of those decisions.

      Dad played Q-bert for a solid weekend once.

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