Well, I suppose it’s inevitable. With less than a week until Holiday Eve, I guess we’re officially allowed to listen to Holiday songs. I find it exceptionally easy to yell “GAH!” and crash the car while trying frantically to change the stereo so I have to choose my songs fairly carefully.

Earlier this year, I talked about seeing Low in concert. They have a sweet song that can even be enjoyed in the summertime:

Fairytale of New York is obligatory to the point where the contrarian in me wants to forget that it even exists but then I listen to it again and think about Maribou and our first couple of years of marriage and how insightful this song is despite the eye-widening slurs contained within.

Perhaps nothing helps with a rough holiday season where you have to deal with work being crazy, friends being busy, and family being crazy than a little Freddie Mercury.

So… what are you listening to?


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  1. I’m in Hong Kong now, and they’re playing Christmas music all over the place. Apparently it’s huge here, which I wouldn’t have expected in a place with a population that’s 95% Chinese, former British Colony or no.

    I’ve listened to “Lido Shuffle” and the Yuzo Kayama/Shinji Tanimura duet of “Sarai” about ten times each this week.

    I’d heard “Lido Shuffle” a few times before, but only just now figured out what it was called.

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