I’m finally learning about shouts in Skyrim and mastering longer phrases. Level 49! Woo! (I do hope that you can still gain skills after that rather than just stop dead wherever you are.) I’m thinking that I’ve cleaned up enough of the side quests that I can start focusing on the main ones.

So… what are you playing?


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  1. Tee hee! I’ve determined that, while my current computer might run Skyrim, I don’t think it would run it well. The cost of upgrading my PC to where it would run Skyrim comfortably just about equals the cost of a 360, so…I’m working on finishing Dragon Age.

  2. My son got AC:Revelations for his bday a few days ago. I started it yesterday, hadn’t read anything about it. So I’m playing along, feeling somewhat underwhelmed, when I get to a scene where I’m up on a rooftop looking at a narrow road, I can’t move, can only turn my gaze in a 180-degree arc, and the game is prompting me to place a Head Assassin on a nearby rooftop. Then I’m to place crossbowmen. Slowly the penny drops — “wtf-ing-f — who was the genius who decided to stuff a tower defense mini-game in the middle of an Assassin’s Creed game??!!?”.

    I’ve played a bit more since then but I’m not really excited about it. Looking forward to getting Uncharted 3 tomorrow.

  3. DC Universe Online, I fun with character creation. Gameplay is okay, my friends who do this kinda stuff weren’t around to join me for the gaiety. I fear it becoming a time sink leaving me enervated.

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