Oh, my gosh, it’s finally here. (I was going to put a video of ABC’s “TGIF” bumper here but I watched one and got really, really depressed.)

Anyway, remember how last week I said “Monday will allow us to slow down and get ready for Tuesday’s being back to work (during the week where nobody else will be there!)”?

Well, the joke was on me. Seriously, in years past, this week was the week that had people discussing how at this company or that company, everybody but “essential staff” was effectively locked out of the building (which always kind of irritated me because I worked at that company too but I was “essential staff” and *I* had to go in). There was a major issue every day so far this week, from major data installs, to resolving problems with the major data installs, to addressing issues with the schedule (this package was going to be installed before that one, now it’s being installed after, and that means that we have to change all sorts of things), and on and on and on.

Maribou, person that she is, does work for a place that locks everybody but “essential staff” out of the building (and, as essential as she is, she does not fall under the official accounting umbrella of “essential staff”) and she has next week off. As such, I have taken next week off as well.

It will be nice to spend a week with just us and the cats.

Before that happens, however, we have *THE WEEKEND*!

Friday night will be spent doing (my) laundry and recovering from the week. Now, Maribou is out of town this week and I get to pick her up at the airport on Saturday (and, afterwards, we’ll be stopping by a friend’s house who is celebrating a birthday/New Year’s kinda thing). We may spend New Year’s Eve *ACTUALLY* staying up until Midnight. Then again, we may not. Midnight is not as easy as it used to be.

Sunday will be spent doing (her) laundry and running the errands that will allow us to be more effective slugs in the new days of the new year… and going to bed next to an alarm clock that will not have been set.

So… what’s on your docket?


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  1. Big 3-5 is tomorrow (“today” since you’ve posted from the future). Grandpa will babysit and the Mrs. and I will enjoy a leisurely dinner of Thai food and some light shopping.
    After that the weekend will be all housework with some video games before bed.

  2. Friday is prepping for Saturday, Saturday is party with the usual crowd (i.e. basically the same crowd as at Christmas, at a holiday party the week before that, and at Thanksgiving — we never get sick of each other, mostly), Sunday is sleeping in and prepping for a very important football game on Monday, Monday is football and planning for a somber return to normalcy.

    Plus, Uncharted 3 will be dispensed with on one of those days (quite likely tomorrow, if I can evade the eyes of the housework monitor for a couple hours).

    • I have put off playing Uncharted 3 until Maribou is home and able to do her computing stuff nearby (she adored 2 but was in the middle of writing papers when 3 came out).

      • Good move — this one is even more cinematic than the last one. In some ways it feels more like a movie with gaming stuff included than like a game with movie stuff included.

  3. I’m going to be home tomorrow. Unloading the car and finding a place for all the toys Grandpa and Grandmother gave the small unit persons. Preparing to survive the Rose Parade and Bowl game as per usual.

    I think I might be normalized in two days.

    • At Christmas, my mother told me a story that my dad’s dad told her.

      It’s worth, at least, a sidebar post in itself.

      All that to say: Holy cow! I didn’t used to remember this holiday season being this exhausting! What the heck!

  4. The children’s museum is having a countdown to the New Year at noon. Get that out of the way and the kids into bed early. Then the grownups get to count down! The joys of having a toddler.

    • I thought I went to bed early tonight… then I heard the phone ring and I realized that I was still in the basement waiting for Maribou to call me so I could go to sleep.

      After a five minute conversation, I was able to.

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