Great Caesar’s Ghost! A week that would be otherwise boring can turn into a week nigh-overwhelming by something as simple as a persistent cough!

At least it’s the weekend.

Friday night is dedicated to my recuperation from this… whatever it is while Maribou begins listening to the lectures planned by her professors.

Saturday is a day for errands all day, gaming all night. Or, at least, at night. It’ll probably finish ’round 10ish or 11ish. Seriously, I’m old.

Sunday will be a day dedicated to laundry and staying out of Maribou’s way… while Monday will be a day that she goes to work and I do not! Woo!!! So I’ll probably have a half-dozen little chores that day.

So… what’s on your docket?


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  1. I had house chores to do but a sick kid has taken up most of my ambition. We’ll watch the Packers tomorrow, hoping for a game of considerable less excitement than the one that just ended.

  2. Hmm…violin lesson, a building workshop at Lowe’s, fruitcake toss, helping the oldest finish up his first computer build, football, soccer, specifically NOT watching the Bronco game, pulling out the computer desk and cleaning behind it, doing some cable dressing while I’m there, Dragon Age, playing with the dogs, chasing the boys outside and away from their video games, laundry.

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