We called up the doctor and the doctor said “no more monkeys jumping on the bed!”

Wait, no, that was last time. *THIS* time the doctor said “your cough is a perfectly healthy response to the sinus infection you have”. Then she prescribed me all kinds of drugs. So, with luck, I will be 100% better in three weeks.

However, while I hadn’t exactly stopped thinking about songs about being sick and started thinking about songs about the afterlife (no religion), I did start thinking about what that post might look like and got some goofy themes going where I linked to Iron Maiden’s Purgatory or Bryan Ferry’s Limbo (holy cow, that video is much, much¬†racier than I remembered) or James Brown’s Hell¬†and then have links to Bryan Adams and Warrant for Heaven culminating, of course, in the Talking Heads.

But then I started thinking about the Talking Heads and, my goodness, the Heaven song is just so very good in its own right. These last few months have been crazy at work as well, and crazy with the holidays, and the last month has been crazy just from being sick and… my goodness, this song is a tonic.

So… what are you listening to?


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  1. Wow, those outfits are bad!

    I’ve got Yellowcard “Empty Apartment” stuck in my head today. Haven’t heard that song in a long time, so that is kind of strange.

  2. I’m changing my answer. My previous answer was correct at the time; however, I am and will be listening to Beyonce in honor of all of us young, angry, single ladies.

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