The main part of this post is going to be behind a cut because of various people in the house who are on the last disk of Season One instead of finishing up the fourth disk of Season Two. I’d ask for any spoilers you place in comments to be after enough characters that they don’t show up in the sidebar… let’s say 100 characters, just to be safe. As for you, dear reader, this show is awesome and I’m going to be discussing spoilers with the exuberance of a person who just finished watching Pivotal Episodes. You’ll want to stay out of the comments if you haven’t at least watched all the way up to the “Peter” episode.

Okay, so over the course of the last two nights, I finished both the “Jacksonville” episode (awesome) and the “Peter” episode (also awesome). Now, what’s interesting is that the Peter episode told me nothing that I didn’t already know. Well, it gave me context for Nina’s cybernetic arm… and we also know that Observers can jump back and forth between universes… but they told us that Earth-1 Peter died way back in Season One and that Walter walked through a window to get the Earth-2 Peter back then as well. I’m pretty sure that we saw the gravestone back in Season One as well…

But that’s not important. What’s important is that now we know everything from the horse’s mouth himself. We no longer have to point to hints given (like, say, a GRAVESTONE) but can now say that the not-exactly-perfectly reliable narrator told us.

(One cool thing that has changed in the past is how I look back at all of Walter’s stories about Peter as a young boy… Walter is remembering Earth-1 Peter who was Walter’s best friend (Peter-1 gave the coin to Walter before he died, remember?) and so when Walter talks about Peter loving waffles or Peter’s toys or whatever and we see Peter roll his eyes and shake his head? That’s because Peter is remembering Walternate! Who, may I point out, did *NOT* get Peter-2’s lucky coin.)

Now it’s time for bald speculation about the future. (I’ve managed to avoid spoilers up to this point and would ask for your indulgence by neither confirming nor denying any of these but would welcome people pointing out stuff that happened in episodes that I’m overlooking.)

I’m pretty sure that the ZFT was written prior to the retrieval of Peter-2 but, you know what? It was the Peter-2 that made it possible.

Olivia can start fires? We’ll see *THAT* come into play in the season finale. Now I’m wondering if there wasn’t something to the puzzle light box she had no idea how she disarmed.

Alternate Mom is going to be a major player in the coming weeks.

If Walter were willing to cross over into another universe to get Peter “back”, I’m pretty sure that Walternate would be willing to start an interdimensional war.


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    • The White Tulip episode was amazing. I didn’t even have to look up the one you were referring to. Pure gold.

      I was really impressed with the make-up job on the “Peter” episode. Walter really did look younger and not in a super-fake way.

      I think you did a better job of following the intricacies than I did (the coin, for instance).

      Keep these posts coming. I am getting vicarious enjoyment at being able to see some of this stuff again for the first time.

      • The scene where Peter Weller is explaining the nature of God? My jaw dropped. Those two actors were saying so very much with perfect economy. The knowledge that SWAT is running down the hallway as they argue theology just makes it that much better.

        Dang, that was a good episode.

        (No religion.)

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