As we’re coming up to the weekend prior to the One! Year! Anniversary! of Mindless Diversions, I find myself thinking “holy cow, is it the weekend already?”

Indeed it is! And it’s a weekend where Maribou has to write papers despite being sick. For reasons related to my being the less sick one in the house, it is my job to run interference for her and make sure that she’s able to do whatever she needs to do… which, in this case, entails staying in the basement, answering the phone, and telling people “we can’t do anything”.

Some weekends that sounds like hell.

Some weekends that sounds like heaven itself.

This weekend appears to be the latter.

So… what’s on your docket?


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  1. Oh, and I realized today that we’ve got a three day weekend coming up!!!

    I gasped at the realization and the folks in the next cubes over asked “are you okay???”


    “Yeah, did you not know that?”

    I did not know that.

    And, honestly, it’s the best kind of three day weekend.

    When the three day weekend is a friday weekend, it’s all party party party and you’re exhausted by Sunday night and you have to go back to work.

    When it’s a Monday three dayer, it’s a normal weekend like always… only you wake up on Monday without having to do anything.

    • My corporate masters are not taking Monday as a holiday, and thus neither am I.

      I am, however, going to try to get the oldest boy at the table with paint brush in hand so he can give painting minis a go.

  2. I want to get to level 17 on my Sith Inquisitor so I can roll up another TOR character to get to level 17 to play with my RL friends/ clan (sidebar: I hate using the term clan. Guild, gang, coterie, anything but clan).

    Then I need to pound out a short story for a friend’s anthology which will also serve as a teaser for my next novel. Oh and start a blog for myself as a writer so I can also tease out stuff related to the novel itself.

    And … clean.

        • If cleaning is an adjunct to “getting healthy” I think you’re doing it right. But… not everyone is debilitated by systemic allergies.

    • If I was enamored with the idea of playing TOR without interacting with anybody else, is this possible? Or is it one of those things where I will eventually need, ugh, a “guild”?

  3. Jack’s last basketball game on Saturday morning. Old friend from last job who now lives in NoCal (works at Pixar) is visiting Pas this weekend and we’re going to a “your 40th birthday was Wednesday but we’ll call it that today” party on Saturday right after we skate early from Family Friend’s daughter’s 1 year old party.

    Sunday has nothing on it! Neither does Monday (until piano lessons at 6pm). The house is a disaster, so cleaning will probably figure prominently. There’s a couple trillion chores that I need to catch up on. But we’ll have a block of dead time in there, somewhere.

    I think I’m going to hit the downtown branch of the library so that I can dig through old newspapers on microfiche for the RPG.

      • No, the stories.

        I already found a Catholic priest serial killer story that is getting incorporated. I’m building a Conspiracy Bible; articles and stories that point to things that help reveal the guiding hand of the Cabal behind everything. Finding the articles or hearing about the stories (or seeing pictures hanging on the wall of people who are in stories that they’ve already found or have been reminded that they already knew from current affairs, etc. – “you made a Spot check and noticed that there’s a picture on her bookshelf of someone who looks familiar…”, that sort of thing.

  4. Contemplating spending the weekend writing…I owe some blog posts and I’m also in need of actually fleshing out my next major plot for Avlis.

  5. I will finish making the last screen door for the house in the morning and then we are going to New Orleans for Mardi Gras because it is carnival time. Will probably spend an hour looking for a parking space and the rest of the weekend sitting across the street from McDonald’s on Canal Street watching the people and the floats while eating boiled shrimp.
    My wife is going to finish some choreography while down there so we have a reason to play cajun music and dance.

  6. You’re a good man, Mr. Jaybird, sir. He who cares for his wife while she is sick will earn much cred and build up a reserve of goodwill. My g/f is getting sick and I am caring for her at present time, hoisting out little grocery bags full of used tissues and making panfried noodles with pork tenderloin goodness thereupon.

    Went up to Como Zoo and took too many pictures of the cats.

    Yesterday, her brother came over for dinner. He sat right down at my computer and began to watch videos on YouTube for upcoming movies. Truth is, the boy isn’t terribly well socialized. But as C and I were cooking and she was trying to talk to him, eventually shouting at him “Earth to J!” I had me a Litttle Sad, for I have been known to sit at the same computer and behave as if I were dead to the world.

    Made bread, a modified Parker House roll with whole wheat flour from the Mennonites.

    So we went to the Linux user’s group meeting last night at a little Palestinian restaurant and kibbitzed with the owner, who grins at my Lebanese Arabic.

    Had a long talk with a Czech brewer from around here after consuming half a growler of his Winter Lager.

    Genned a fresh copy of Fedora 16 onto Epoxy aka Frankenstein’s Laptop. It’s called Epoxy because it has a great wad of kneaded epoxy reinforcing the starboard side of the screen hinge, reinforced with two pieces of steel. I think I’ll do a presentation on Vala and Camel. I may end up writing a new tutorial for Vala over the weekend: the current docs are appallingly out of date and n00bs need some Working Examples to get them over the hump. If we stand on the shoulders of giants, that’s because the giants haven’t got the good sense to build ladders.

    Butterscotch prowls around, pushing the limits around here. She was so good at the vet’s, though, getting her shots and pills, suffering these necessary indignities with stoic indifference. Soon she goes in to be neutered… not a minute too soon.

    • He is a very good man. Unfortunately he took poorly this afternoon though, so we’ll just have to trudge through together as we have been doing.

      Also, that Butterscotch is one gorgeous kitty. I may or may not have cooed at the computer. *shifty-eyed look*

      *dives back into her paper-writing*

        • Blaise, Right now we have three siberians. Two of them are rescue dogs and the third was a christmas present from four years ago. One of the many things my wife and I have in common is our love love of siberians. I got my first one in a bar called the Howling Dog Saloon in Fox Alaska about thirty-three years ago when he was a tiny little thing. Within a year he weighed 75 pounds and was truly good in the woods. He was the only dog I have ever known that could catch and kill deer alone. He would eat anything that I did not feed. I had chickens, goats and kids and all he did was protect the kids from the roosters. My wife has had at least one for at least as long. They are the closest things to wolves that I have ever run across. They are gentle with people, but don’t start a fight with us because they will hurt you.
          Other than getting to the web I am computor illiterate. How does one get pictures up for the world to see?
          Jaybird, if you have a sore throat with you illness, gargling with cayenne pepper eases the throat pain and clears the sinuses.

  7. Going to visit me Mum, in Michigan, who will soon be moving out of the homestead to an apartment. So, a weekend of hellos and farewells.

  8. I’m back in the Southland visiting family. I’d intended to get in touch with people and such, but I’m spending a good portion of my time just layabouting with the folks. TV watching includes lots of Law & Order and similar I-can-watch-this-show-without-having-seen-the-eight-previous shows.

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