I’m beginning to wonder if maybe the opening line to this post shouldn’t be set to “Holy crap, tomorrow is Friday?”

Then the second line could be set to “indeed it is.”

Though, honestly, there are some weeks where it takes *FOREVER* for Friday to get here and that wouldn’t be appropriate for those weeks… however, I have not seen one of those weeks for a good, long time and have instead been peppered with weeks that just fly past like nutzo. Which, I suppose, is preferable all things considered.

Anyhoo, there is a thing at a local watering hole (one within walking distance) tomorrow night, there is gaming on Saturday (we continue our adventures in Vornheim, and Sunday will be devoted to *LAUNDRY*.

So… what’s on your docket?


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  1. Going to see my parents, wife’s going into NYC. Did you know that the Freedom Tower is above the skyline now and they’re going to top off sometime in the spring? Eleven years to rebuild is a crime but no politics. On Saturday is the D&D game at night and on Sunday the wife’s going to be with her yenta friends watching the Academy Awards while I sit at home being too cool for school.

  2. Many, many girl things that men don’t usually care about; including but not limited to buffing, polishing, trimming, coloring, stripping, hydrating, cutting, curling, shaving, exfoliating, cleansing, plucking, moisturizing, feathering, scrubbing, waxing and conditioning. Not necessarily in that order.

  3. If I may be an obnoxious parent and boast about my progeny, this weekend we are going to Grand Rapids to watch my daughter participate in the state championship swim meet.

    It also gives us an opportunity to go to the Dutch store and get delicious goodies that aren’t available on our side of the state. Setting both politics and religion aside, hooray for all the Dutch Reformed Calvinists in western Michigan, without whom we wouldn’t have this invaluable store.

    (P.S. Jaybird, if you were serious in your invite to write a guest post, how do I contact you? My email is jhanley @ adrian dot edu, or I could forward it through Erik? No assumptions that you’ve actually agreed to post anything I write.)

    • As a spectator rather than a judge? I wouldn’t know whether that’d be more stressful or less stressful.

      I used to visit Holland, Michigan in the summertime. It had, if I recall correctly, the last K-Mart in the country to not open on Sundays.

      (My email, which I check from every day to every three or four days, depending on life’s insanity, is askjaybird@gmail.com and it’s also in the sidebar here.)

      • This time just as a spectator. My wife handles the emails from the organizers of different meets, so she determines if we’re officiating or not, so I don’t really know why not this time. The upside is that I don’t have to dress all in white, a color I never wear at any other time.

        [Holland] had, if I recall correctly, the last K-Mart in the country to not open on Sundays.
        Hey! No religion or politics.

        My email [is] also in the sidebar here,
        On behalf of every professor who tried to teach me to do research, I apologize for their failures.

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