The fourth installment of our Friday Movie Quotes Quiz.  The winner of last week was Greginak, who now leads Megan 2-1 and the rest of the League is a collection of big, fat, lame-o zeros.  Greginak has supa-ulta-mate-powah.

(Yes, I’m smack-talking to drum up more traffic on this post)

  1. The Davids of this world merely occupy space, which is why he was the perfect victim for the perfect murder. Course he… he was a Harvard undergraduate. That might make it justifiable homicide.
  2. You’re not supposed to bury bodies whenever you find them. It makes people suspicious.
  3. I don’t know.  You’re the genius in this family… you have absolute power, remember?
  4. Then carefully… but carefully, Hilary… remove absolutely everything that might subsequently remind me that you had ever been there (including that yellow thing with the blue bulbs which you have such an affection for).  Then take the check for five thousand dollars – which I feel you deserve – and get… permanently… lost.  It’s not that I don’t want to know you, although I don’t, it’s just that I’m afraid we’re not really the sort of people that you can afford to be associated with.
  5. You shot Reese, and Reese shot Sweet?
  6. You just fulfilled the first rule of law enforcement… make sure, when your shift is over, you go home alive.
  7. Two bits, four bits, six bits… a peso!  All those for Zorro, stand up and say so!
  8. There are two things that are infinite: femininity… and the means to take advantage of it (hint: trans from the French).
  9. Between grief and nothing… I’ll take grief.
  10. It is like a finger, pointing at the moon.  Do not concentrate on the finger, or you will miss all that heavenly glory.

Please rot13 your answers, and here they are for after your make your guesses:

  1. Wbua Qnyy, Oenaqba, Ebcr
  2. Wbua Sbeflgur, Fnz, Gur Gebhoyr jvgu Uneel
  3. Eboreg ZnpAnhtugba, Zvpunry, R.G.
  4. Xngurevar Urcohea, Puevfgvan, Thrff Jub’f Pbzvat Gb Qvaare
  5. Pyvsgba Wnzrf, Furevss Punhaprl, Fvyire Fgernx
  6. Frna Pbaarel, Znybar, Gur Hagbhpunoyrf
  7. Trbetr Unzvygba, Ohaal Jvttyrfjbegu, Mbeeb: Gur Tnl Oynqr
  8. Wrnaar Zberhn, Nznaqr, Yn Srzzr Avxvgn
  9. Wrsserl Wbarf, Rq Ebbarl, Sreevf Ohryyre’f Qnl Bss
  10. Oehpr Yrr, Yrr, Ragre gur Qentba

Bonus for this Friday: How to make a trailer that makes the movie look like an entirely different movie!


Edited to add: no theme this week, sorry should have said!


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  1. I recognize *NONE* of these.

    That said, I may as well make guesses.

    Oof, seriously, I don’t think I’ve even *SEEN* any of these…

    Fb V’z thrffvat gur gurzr guvf jrrx vf pevzr guevyyref.

    Ohg, sebz jung V’ir urneq, 3 vf cebonoyl N Fvzcyr Cyna (naq vg’f cebonoyl Ovyyl Obo Gubegba’f punenpgre). 5 fbhaqf yvxr Nanylmr Guvf (juvpu, fnqyl, V *QVQ* frr). 6 fbhaqf yvxr Genvavat Qnl. 7 frrzf ernyyl bhg bs cynpr sbe pevzr guevyyref… vf Mbeeb: Gur Tnl Oynqr n pevzr guevyyre? Va nal pnfr, vg’f cebonoyl bar bs zl snibevgr (pbybevmrq) pbzrqvrf. 8 vf gur ernfba V’z rira thrffvat orpnhfr V’z cerggl fher gung Wrna Erab fnvq vg va bar bs uvf zbivrf gung pnzr bire urer fhogvgyrq. Gung jbhyq cebonoyl or Gur Cebsrffvbany, V guvax.

    Those are my best guesses.

  2. I’m not encrypting my one answer, because I don’t know the movie, but one of those is a Faulkner quote.

  3. 8: Yn Srzzr Avxvgn
    9: Sreevf Ohryyre

    Gur erfg V jbhyq unir gb ybbx hc

  4. Sorry, missed the rules about putting who said, character name – although I did know that it’s who you said they were (just watched both of the ones that I answered).

  5. Okay my encrypted post didn’t show up – technical difficulties (my brain):
    8. Yn Srzzr Avxvgn
    9. Sreevf

  6. Tbq, V fhpx ng guvf. Gur bayl bar V trg vf 3, naq bayl orpnhfr V erzrzore gur cuenfr “nofbyhgr cbjre”.

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