Holy cow! Is tomorrow Friday already?

Indeed it is.

Well, tomorrow night Maribou has to write a paper and so it will be my job to stay out of her way. Saturday night will be a return to Vornheim, and Sunday night will be our night to relax because the paper is handed in and we don’t have to do anything. We hope. (Well, anything except laundry.)

So… what’s on your docket?


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  1. Tonight I have two hours of Ham radio instruction.

    Tomorrow I have another 8. Then it’s time for the license exam, baby.

    On Sunday… well, there is concrete in my backyard, and a lot of it.

    I bought a 10 lb longhandled sledgehammer, and a 60″ demolition prybar, and a mortar chisel.


    We’ll see how much I can do in a few hours.

      • I need a good workout anyway.

        We’ll see how well my arm stands up.

          • My advice would be to find a tool rental place and get an electric jackhammer.
            Takes care of it in no time.
            You have to work from the edges.

          • I’m seconding Will’s advice. Did some sledgehammer work a while back and felt it in my right elbow for a year. Just now getting over it.

          • I have to take the brick edge out first. I have a mortar chisel and a 3 lb. sledge for that.

            Else I have no edge to work from. But yeah, I got that advice from a guy who does a bunch of concrete demo and I guess why immediately. You want the slab to be able to flex. Concrete is compression resistant, so if you put a large amount of force in the middle of the slab, it eats most of the work.

  2. Dinner party tonight, theater tickets and drinks with friends tomorrow, and party at friend’s house Sunday. I’m going to need a day off after this weekend.

      • Tempting but no. I wouldn’t want to put you through the agony of amazing seats to Wicked and drinks at Saucebox. That would be mean 😉

      • What kind of old car are we talking about here?
        That might be interesting.

  3. I finished my fscking assignment… which means I get to start the next one… and catch up on all my readings. also gaming. and sleep. and comic books.

      • Just finished a complete reinstall of Fedora 16 after a yum update failed. Repopulating my /dev and /prod world has been a sore trial.

        • “Real Men (TM) run BSD!” *

          * I do not actually endorse *NIX cabalism.

          • I do love BSD. For the longest time, it was the only *nix secure enough to run some things.

        • Just installed Ubuntu on an old laptop. I panicked briefly when it didn’t recognize the wireless card, but a bit of Googling pointed me at the right driver to download.

          • I wish that new Ubuntu interface were more customizable (or were more intuitively so). I thought it had a lot of promise. I ended up going with Mint, though. Linux never ceases to amaze me in its driver support. I can’t remember the last time a driver didn’t automatically install.

  4. Cleaning out my closet and organizing my multitude of stuff. I am trying to get caught up on Burn Notice, so I set up a laptop in the closet (it’s a very, very large closet) and watch while I work.

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