Holy cow! Is tomorrow Friday already?

Indeed it is.

Okay, I downloaded the patch for Mass Effect 3 yesterday morning before I left for work. It was only 4 megs and so I figured, hey, I could download it while I tied my shoes (I thought it’d be 2-3 gigs or something) and, of course, my console froze up the first time I started the game. So I went to work.

When I came home… HURRAY! It worked! (Apparently, the problem was on the EA Servers end of things rather than the 360 end of things.) All that to say: I HAVE MASS EFFECT 3 WORKING!!!

Now, of course, the face isn’t *JUST* right… some of the scars are missing and the eye color is a shade darker than it was in previous games but, you know what? It’s my Shepard rather than some impostor. So I can (FINALLY) start playing my game. (I’m on Mars.)

Given that Maribou is writing papers tomorrow night, that’s a darn good thing, too.

Saturday is gaming night. Our old DM who got his Saturday nights taken away from him in his old support shift won his bid for a shift to get them back and so we’re going to play board games, eat junk food, and plan for what games we’re going to play in the coming weeks. (I’m thinking it’s time for Sam Axe to come back and start Book 2 of whatever’s going on in our Dresdenverse game, myself.)

Sunday will be devoted to whatever errands we didn’t finish the day before as well as sweet, sweet laundry.

So… what’s on your docket?


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  1. Stuff for PolyCon, the gaming convention that I’m co-running: Friday kicks off the judging of our independent game design prize. And saturday is Open House at Cal Poly (the university that our con is affiliated with), so I’ll be working our club’s booth (which will be selling bacon). Plus I have to prep for my Castle Ravenloft FATE game (which is technically monday, but that’s where my weekend actually starts.

  2. On Saturday I’ll be going to a “Chicken Fry.” I’m not entirely sure what a “Chicken Fry” is, but I have hopes that it will somehow involve fried chicken.

    A lot of work to do, and some spring cleaning. And maybe – hopefully – a nap. I’ve been doing that thing lately where I go to bed late, then get up at about 2:00 and can’t get back to sleep till after 4:00, and am then wide awake be 6:30. I am starting to feel like an extra on Walking Dead.

  3. Finish taxes tonight. (YAY!) Hopefully enough time after that to keep trying to restore Riften’s thieves’ guild to its former glory (I’m apparently the Guildmaster now, though, so that’s a good thing. Or an evil thing. Whatever.)
    Tomorrow afternoon and evening we’re helping to cook and serve dinner at a homeless shelter. Never done that before, so I’m both anxious and eager.
    Sunday is another birthday party for one of our little tyrant’s little tyrant buddies. It’s fun to see them being all tyrannical to each other instead of us. Just joking…mostly.

    • “Finish taxes tonight.”

      But why, Scott? You’ve come this close to the wire… why not go all the way? That’s the way I do my taxes.

  4. Thanks to Scott, I’ll be remembering (hopefully) to do my taxes as well.

    Otherwise, there is a Pokemon spring regional tournament going on at the PA Convention Center that I’m thinking of going to and trying to cover freelance for one of the local papers.

    Congrats on finally getting to play ME3! I’ll be looking for updates on how you like it.

    Gaming wise, I’ll be somewhere between Fez and Braid this weekend.

  5. Taxes done today, boo-ya!

    Getting over a vomitous stomach virus I caught from my kids. Being a little disgusted with myself for being a little pleased that the virus has resulted in an effortless few pounds of weight loss. Grading papers. Taking oldest kid to a birthday party (contingent on success in first item).

    • I always say, if you have to be sick, you might as well come out of it a few pounds lighter. There has to be some silver lining.

  6. Yay for your face! It’s about freaking time.

    I have another 3 day weekend. I’ve been trying to use up some vacation time.

    Today I had a leisurely visit with a friend, sat in the sun while reading, and took my son to the park. I just realized I don’t have any plans for Saturday and Sunday. I shall sleep and clean.

  7. I am gaming and sleeping and maybe starting my next paper early. Really it’s all kind of a blur. Hope you feel better soon, honey. *tons of virtual hugs because I can’t get sick like with the real ones*

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