Holy cow, is tomorrow Friday already?

Indeed it is.

Well, now that the semester is, for all intents and purposes, over, we can finally have the weekend of Maribou’s birthday! Which, of course, entails waking up at O’dark-thirty on Saturday and putting her on a plane where she’ll be going to the christening of the new baby of one of her library friends. (Seriously: It’s uncanny how everybody who works in a library knows everybody else who works in a library.)

Sunday, of course, entails picking her up at the airport at, like, juuuust after bedtime.

Which means that, yes, I’ll be batchin’ it.

So… what’s on your docket?


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  1. This week felt very long to me. On Wendsday I thought it was Friday. That always leads to a bad week.

    Tonight cards. Tomorrow Descent gaming. Sunday Legooooooooooooooo Fest!!! (I am more excited than my son).

    • Oddly, I went all week thinking that it was the next day. Tuesday felt like Wednesday, Wednesday felt like Thursday, etc. Yes, this make for a long week.

      • Simpson, I’ve worked like a dog trying to make Tuesday Wednesday. I couldn’t do it. I must be a failure.

        • I only wish I knew what that was from, Pat. It is clear to me that I will never see as many movies (or tv) as you.

          • Yeah, I had to use imdb to find out who Gene Kelly was. Your secret is safe.

          • In my defense, it appears he stopped acting around the time I was born and died when I was in like 3rd or 4th grade. Give me a break. I struggle to keep abreast of movies that have come out in the past two years.

          • I had to use imdb to find out who Gene Kelly was

            Oh no, you didn’t.
            The shame that will haunt you for the rest of your life!

            Aw, crap! Now I can’t remember if it was Gene Kelly or Errol Flynn in that Three Musketeers movie….

            The thought that I might have to look it up on imdb is untenable.
            I’ll get my hands on the video somehow….

          • “he stopped acting around the time I was born”

            After Xanadu.

            There are people who were born after Xanadu that are adults now.

            Think on that.

          • Will…

            It was Gene Kelly.

            “Khan…? I’m… laughing… at the ‘superior intellect'”

          • Actually, JB, I was referring to the TV mini-series “Sins” that Gene appeared in (according to imdb) 6 years after Xanadu. Is that worse?

          • Dude, at one point I was filling out new accounts for incoming freshmen (in 2011) and it became painfully high on the ol’ mental heads-up-display that these kids were born the year I graduated college.

            Not high school. College.

            That said, Mary… I need to make you a list. Goldurn it.

          • Please do, Pat. It would probably take me a lifetime to get through a list you compose, but it would be fun to try.

          • I will give you a hint. It has Gene Kelly in it, and itโ€™s terrible.

            Marjorie Morningstar?

  2. Lego Fest for us tomorrow, departing immmmmmmmmmmmediately after youngest boy’s soccer game ends. Woooooo!

  3. RAMEN!
    (no. good ramen, not maruchan.
    counter service and everything!)

  4. No plans, yet ๐Ÿ™ . The weather should be nice, so probably just a BBQ with friends and family. Maybe a trip to the lake. We’ll see.

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