Oh, golly it’s early.

Well, the game I’m spending most of my time with remains Assassin’s Creed: Revelations (I have no end of love for games where, besides the main story, you have to do things like “invest in bookstores”) though, before I go back to bed, I will be turning on Mass Effect 3 for the “Turn Mass Effect 3 On/Turn Mass Effect 3 Off” event (and, probably, sending my *SECOND* tweet).

So… what are you playing?


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  1. I just got Lone Survivor, not very far into it but it’s pretty darned cool.

  2. Civilization V. Seriously, who knew that constructing wheat farms and building roads could be so damned addicting? Also, I just launched a whaling fleet, so I’m pretty sure that makes me the villains (mmm…blubber).

    • I’m still messing with Civ IV: Beyond the Sword. Can’t bring myself to make the switch to Civ V. I really liked Civ III better, but the two are incompatible on the same machine.

      Assassins Creed is a pretty cool game. I like the guy’s moves in that one.

      • Civilization III: Conquests!

        I have like nine games going.

  3. Burger Chef wasn’t a thing where I grew up, we had non-NJ Tpke Roy Rogers, though.

    • Hm, the internet says I am wrong, but I simply can’t remember any locations or seeing any commercials.

      • If I recall correctly, I loved Burger Chef because their kid’s meals came in flat little boxes and the top of the box was a cutout. They had a cutout for your burger, your fries, and your drink. A place for everything and everything in its place. Maybe most kids didn’t care but I was one of those who sorted my m&ms and the idea of a restaurant telling me “don’t worry about where to put your burger… we’ve figured it out for you” was manna from heaven.

      • Wow, I’d totally forgotten about Burger Chef. I remember liking it more than McDonalds or Burger King, but damned if I can remember why.

        • It was a burger joint with a salad bar. They just gave you a bun and a burger and told you to “make it your own dad gum self” and pointed at the salad bar.

          So if you just wanted mustard and extra extra pickles, you could have mustard and extra extra pickles.

          • Fuddrucker’s is like that.
            I don’t know if you have them up there.

            I was thinking that Burger Chef was affiliated with Whataburger, sort of like Rally’s & Checkers, or Carl’s Jr. & Hardee’s.

  4. ‘m generally all “yay death of the author” and all that but a rewrite by the mob?

    • This probably deserves an “aesthetic realism” post in its own right discussing the ending, discussing the response to the ending, discussing Bioware’s response to the response to the ending, and the relationship of the patron to the artist.

      I’ll see if I can’t throw one up tomorrow. (Got gaming tonight.)

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