Well, if you didn’t get your Fringe Season Two yet, you’d best hurry up! We’ll be easing back into the bookclub next week by talking about Season Two: Episode One “A New Day in the Old Town” in which we learn how physics feels about folks who trifle with it.

(Additionally, it was recently announced that Season 5 of Fringe will be the final season. It’s bittersweet but… hey. I hope they can wrap everything up that they need to and tell all of the stories they have stored up. Season six is when stuff usually starts to go downhill, as these things go. Best to go out at the peak.)


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  1. This is unbelievably good news. Not only do we get more Fringe, but there’s an official sunset. Ending at the end of the season would have been a disaster. Not sure if they can do it all in 13 episodes, given what happened with Lost (which I did not detest like some, but don’t want to be a blueprint here), but a lot better than ending it where they usually end any given season.

    Still no word on Alcatraz, which is probably a sitting duck.

    • They’re only getting 13 episodes? Dang, I was hoping for 20 (if not 22)… ah, well. It’s not like the seasons didn’t each have extraneous one-off episodes.

      A pity, though.

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