Given the insanity of the last weekend and the insanity of the coming weekend, we’re going to kick the can of Bookclub down the road one week.

So if you’ve already watched “Momentum Deferred” and “Dream Logic”, I apologize. We’ll talk about it next Tuesday! If you haven’t, hey, three-day weekend to help you catch up!

Of course, if we want to explore Fringy concepts in the comments, this is a good place to do it as well.

As always, here are the ground rules: nothing that we have seen so far is considered a spoiler, anything that we have not yet seen should be considered a spoiler. Crazy nutbar speculation is *NOT* a spoiler, but confirming or denying said confirmation would be.

Here’s my idea for spoilers: please rot13 them. That’s a simple encryption that will allow the folks who want to avoid spoilers to avoid them and allow the people who want to argue them to argue them. We good? We good!

Sorry about this! We’ll be back on track next week!


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  1. Argh! And I was all ready. I guess I should hop to the other dimension where you were able to finish this post. Be right back….

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