Holy cow, is tomorrow Friday already?

Indeed it is.

Now, there are weeks when you forget to remember to buy a lotto ticket and there are weeks when you fail to forget to remember to buy a lotto ticket. This week was one of the latter. I tell ya.

I think that we actually have a relatively recuperative weekend before us. Not much of anything to do at all except (finally) recover from Vegas and do the little errands that we haven’t had time to do for three weeks. The Costcos, the FULL TRIP TO THE GROCERY STORE (groan), the Comic Book Store, and so on… and we’ll have a handful of games to play with the gaming group on Saturday night. Throw some dice/cards/figurines about.

So… what’s on your docket?


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    • Tomorrow night is Poker Night. I have removed 70% of the turf from a 26×18 plot in the backyard. The other 30% comes out (it’s going to be a place for raised beds), that’s Saturday. Also I have to prep decorations and games for… dual birthday parties on Sunday.

      And then school is out, there are no sports, only one regional PTA meeting per month, and I’m out of school for the summer, so… ah. Relaxation!

        • I’m one class away from being ABD at Claremont Graduate University. I’m actually taking off the Fall term (registering “continuing education”) to study for the screening exam, in January. Spring 2013 I’ll take the last class I need for my second minor, and then it’s dissertation work.

          I also work at Caltech, but not as a teacher – systems administration staff. Summer time is nice at work because the faculty are off on vacation and there are no classes (and no, “Oh, I forgot, I need this beta software that doesn’t actually work installed on all the lab machines even though it can’t be packaged sanely so that the class can do a homework I assigned that’s due… uh, whoops! Next Monday”) Thankfully, the faculty here are pretty good at avoiding that last, but it does happen.

    • I DVRed the UEFA matches for today and am excited to try to make sense of how European soccer works!

      • I took a slightly long lunch to watch the first half of the Poland game.

        I forgot to mention that Mets-Yankees is this weekend. Oh, and there’s a Game 7 on. How am I supposed to get work done around the house under those conditions?

        • Did you catch the second half? Some exciting action with Poland’s keeper getting sent off, only to have the backup come in and save the ensuing penalty shot. 1-1 draw after a lackluster second half from the host country, but a point’s a point for my countrymen!

          Excited for Italy/Spain tomorrow!

          • For soccer? European soccer? That’s damn near an offensive explosion! It’s like the ’98 Vikings playing the ’83 Nuggets in pre-humidor Coors with the neutral zone trap outlawed!

          • One of my employees is a relatively recent immigrant from Poland. I asked her about the game and got a lengthy explanation of the depth of embarrassment that is apparently the only valid response to that incident.

  1. Graduation today. Unfortunately, a severely sprained/possibly broken ankle suffered last night during basketball will wipe out most other plans until I am mobile again. Groan.

    The bright side is we have Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals AND Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals on Saturday night! Hopefully I won’t be writing either the “Burt Was Right, the Kings Won!” or the “I Was Wrong, Miami is Fatally Flawed” column before the weekend is up.

  2. UFC on FX tonight. Look forward to Johnson vs. McCall II. Squirrel hunting tomorrow morning and then Snow White & The Huntsman with the family. If I’m feeling really energetic I’m going to try and catch Prometheus this weekend (my summer movie project is 25% complete but we’re getting into the heavy part of the schedule).

    Oh, and sending the kids off to camp on Sunday. Two weeks of child-free bliss. Ahhhhhh….

  3. kicking it single dad style while the wife prepares for a conference trip to ireland. maybe making some music if the wee one ever decides to sleep again and/or stop waking me up at 5:30 am.

  4. Hope to finally pick something in the gardeen besides cucs. I know beyond all doubt that a watched cantaloupe never ripens. That presents a serious problem because I have to get it when it is ripe, but before the fieldmice do.
    How is the weather in Colorado Springs? I heard a brief segment on the radio this morning that said you are having giant hail storms and tornadoes. Say it ain’t so Jaybird.

  5. My older son (who’s a Rangers fan) is taking me to the Giants-Rangers game on Sunday. I think he wants revenge for the World Series.

    • A Rangers fan?

      There are such things? I thought that was a rumor.

      • In the eyes of a ranger,
        The unsuspected stranger
        Had better know the truth of wrong from right,
        ’cause the eyes of a ranger are upon you,
        Any wrong you do he’s gonna see,
        When you’re in Texas look behind you,
        ’cause that’s where the ranger’s gonna be

        • When Chuck Norris beans a hitter, the guy charges the mound to apologize for being in the way.

  6. Today was one of those days where it’s so hot that the heat becomes the major part of one’s day (97! EESH.)

    Gaming tonight, recuperating in front of the AC tomorrow.

    • Aaaaaaand today? The thermometer on the deck has just barely managed to crack 60. Welcome to the Rockies! When visiting, pack…everything!

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