I’m still playing Assassin’s Creed III but I’ve also picked up Hitman: Absolution and it’s sitting over there on the couch waiting to be the game for after AC:III. Gotta say, though, I understand that Hitman spends most of its time figuring out how to get in and out with only getting one freakin’ guy without ever being detected… and my assassin in AC:III could learn a thing or two from that. Seriously, it’s like I’m playing Diablo.

So… what are you playing?


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  1. Another XCOM playthrough. Sadly, I still can’t keep my soldiers alive but that’s because I’ve been working on capturing at least one live alien per mission. Still a blast.

    • Oh, and I’ve found a use for Heavies: suppression fire and holo-targeting.

  2. got dishonored for 23 bucks from gamefly, registered on steam. gonna give that a roll.

  3. Tonight I helped a couple folks learn to play solly/medic combo in TF2.

    I bought X-COM, Galactic Civ II, Half Minute Hero, Castle Crashers and Instrusions 2 from the Steam sale, not sure which one to fire up first when I get a chance tomorrow, I’m really excited to try Castle Crashers, but my controller seems to be broken. . .

    • Galactic Civilizations II is fiendishly clever. The AI does a good job of finding your weak spots and exploiting them.

      • For GalCiv2, expansions are recommended, especially Twilight of the Arnor, which gives race specific tech trees, which make all the races play significantly differently.

        As to my own playing, I started playing through Ico again. My first play through a few years back was killed by a scratch on the disc that haltered my progress. It is a wonderful game, and the combat has a much different feel from normal games. Instead of worrying about a health bar, you have to keep the shadow creatures from dragging off your princess companion. Sometimes that game will force you to separate, adding an extra bit of anxiety that an attack might happen, forcing you to rush back before she is gone.

      • … wasn’t that the series with the “write your own ai” going on?

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