For this week’s segment, we’re going to be reading the next two stories, “Men of Good Fortune” and “Collectors” and we’ll discuss them Thursday. If I’m not mistaken, KatherineMW will be doing the honors once again.

It has also come up that some wish to have a place where they can yell “DIBS!” (and dear Brother Russell has indeed called dibs on Ramadan, Sandman #50). I suppose this is as good a place to yell “dibs!” as any.

As always, if you absolutely positively have to talk about some major spoiler in comments, please rot13.



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  1. I don’t know who has dibs on what, but I’d like to tackle “Collectors”.

    If needed, I’m happy taking the story before or the story after, too.

    • There is *ALWAYS* room for more than one take on any given issue.

      If we can read these and find that we’ve got this Rashomon thing going on? The thought gives me goosebumps.

  2. Hey JB, Reformed Republican said in the last post that he’d like dibs on #54 (“The Golden Boy”).

    I can take any or all of “Dream Country” as needed (I am partial to both “Calliope” #17 and “Midsummer” #19 more than the other two, but that would be a weird split, so I can take either 17 & 18 and/or 19 & 20 – if I had to choose I’d go 19 & 20).

    • I’m trying to get Maribou, our resident Priestess of Bast (no religion) to tackle “Dream of 1000 Cats”. So far, she has said “shut up, stop asking me.”

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