Holy cow, is tomorrow Friday already?

Indeed it is.

Work is winding down for the year, I’m told. I wouldn’t know. None of my daily plans survive the contact of my butt hitting the chair. I went in today planning on working on this thing… and I’m told that, nope, I’m going to be working on the next week thing instead, it was kicked to the left. Yay. So I’m getting a bottle of something, I tell you what, on the way home tomorrow. Something red.

Saturday evening will be devoted to our Harry Dresden tabletop game and Sunday I will be sent out and about to run errands and, with luck, I can come home and do laundry.

There is a problem with regards to Costco, however. There is a worker there who is always cheerful and always says hello and, the last three times I’ve been there (while Maribou was home working on papers), has asked “Where’s Maribou?” So I need to figure out if I can get Maribou to go with me to Costco if only to convince this guy that, no, seriously: I am still married.

So… what’s on your docket?


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  1. Duck hunting Saturday morning followed by a whole lot of goofing off. Sunday it’s time to catch up on some chores. And man do we need some groceries! It’s getting thin around here.

    Oldest daughter is home from college for the holidays. We will have to start adjusting to having another kid back in the house.

    • Wow, holiday break so soon? It’s not even December.

      My wife was pining for the return of our two kids from college, and she got her wish for Thanksgiving. By Sunday, she was happy to be driving them back to school. For all that we miss them, we’ve gotten used to living in a house where things stay put away and dirty dishes don’t pile up on the counter.

      • The local schools get out pretty early. They have finals next week but it seems like fewer and fewer professors do those anymore.

  2. Paging through the Pathfinder rulebook that I picked up just to see. Basketball skills test for Jack and his (probably) last soccer game Saturday. I’m working on Hannah’s dollhouse so that it’s done before Christmas (it was last year’s Christmas gift and I’m a terrible parent), that’s Sunday.

    Starting to feel like I might have something to write about again soon.

      • I gave a cursory look to the book last night and I can see why people recommended it to me; it’s “AD&D, First Edition” plus “The Palladium RPG System” with just a dash of GUPRS.

        It removes a bunch of the things that bugged me about AD&D 1st Edition (player level limits for nonhumans… actually the class limitations altogether for nonhumans) and appears to legitimately balance the races, instead of giving the nonhumans a bunch of advantages at level 1 but limiting them long term to being thieves, for the most part. So far so good.

        Haven’t gotten to the combat system yet. Not sure I like the arrangement for Feats.

  3. I think I will be spending time on some creative pursuits this weekend. I am writing a short story, based on a dream I had a while back. It is my first attempt at creative writing in quite a while.

    I have a song I am working on, as I try to relearn how to compose music. I did it back in my high school and college days, then got away from it for too long.

    I have also been learning guitar for the past six months or so, and I will be drilling my pentatonic scales so I can become a rock star guitar god.

    I will also be making my first attempt at a homemade spaghetti sauce. I am trying to cook a new recipe every week as I learn to cook.

    In between will probably be some reading, maybe some video gaming, and the normal housework.

    Oh yeah, I still need to watch last Sunday’s The Walking Dead.

    • I will also be making my first attempt at a homemade spaghetti sauce. I am trying to cook a new recipe every week as I learn to cook.

      Might as well just kick someone in the knee and run for the dang door because you just started a bar fight.

      My own personal Psketti sauce uses two different stages. There’s the red sauce with the strained tomatoes and diced tomatoes and meat and dried herbs/spices portion that sits all day in the crock pot on low. *THEN*, maybe a half hour prior to serving, I add thick chopped vegetables (the size of your thumb) onions and peppers and sprinkle in some more herbs (but fresh ones this time). I call it “Colorado Style” sauce. The veggies won’t be fully cooked, you see. They’ll have crunch.

      Oh yes.

      • Do you add carrots to your spaghetti sauce?

        I used to add them to mine (chopped small) because the sauce goes further if you increase the number of vegetables relative to meat and since I don’t like tomatoes unless they’re paste I needed to think of vegetables other than celery and onions (peppers are expensive, and I typically keep them raw if I buy them), but my family all agreed I was crazy to put carrots in it.

        • I don’t see carrots as as obviously incorrect things to add, but I’ve never added them to mine. Now that I think about it, they would work really well in this sauce… using a large gauge carrot, with thin round slices. Heck, it’d be pretty. (I use peppers, though. I go for the traffic light effect: red ones, yellow ones, and green ones. I find that the texture and snap they provide when they’re almost not cooked by the sauce yet is one of the selling points of the recipe.)

          Carrots would provide another interesting texture and crunch and, at that point, you wouldn’t have to have a salad with the meal. I think I like it.

  4. I’ve got a three day weekend so I scheduled Junior’s three year check up. Russell will be glad to know that I will be letting them give some vaccines. Tonight is girls night. Tomorrow is chores and the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), if we finish the chores. Sunday is shopping and lunch with my sister and her young child.

  5. Officiating a swim meet, grading, and decorating the Christmas tree. It’ll be a busy one.

      • Multiple over-lapping swim seasons. Our only break is March-May.

        It keeps the kids fit; doesn’t do much good for me, though.

        Fortunately it turned out I wasn’t actually officiating, which is good, because the head official at this meet was someone I had a run-in with a couple of years ago. The type of person I won’t work with.

  6. Saturday: Dentist in the morning and then visiting old haunts in Brooklyn

    Sunday: Going to see a SETI prodduction of the Trojan Women at BAM. This will be my first time to BAM in a few years. BAM’s Next Wave Festival is one of my favorite annual cultural events and one of things I miss fiercely about New York.

    • Going to see a SETI production of the Trojan Women

      SETI or L5 Society?

  7. You’re not spending the weekend reading Cold Days? Or are you already done it?

    My copy arrived earlier than I expected. It contains a critical mass of awesome. Ridiculous stroke of good luck that, when I got a couple of earlier DF books from the library to reread to tide me over, one of them was Turn Cloak.

    • Maribou still has it (though I’m sure she’s finished it by now). Perhaps I shall dive into it when I can!

  8. saturday is birthday party #44 for he who does not wish to sleep at bedtime goddamn ever.

    sunday is making scones with selfsame tiny wonder while mommy does work.

    • Is the time change totally screwing you over like it is us? By the time dinner’s done it’s dark, so outside play options are limited, so no energy gets burned off. It was like 10PM by the time he finally stayed in bed the other night and if he hadn’t stayed down that time y’all woulda seen old Glyph on the news in handcuffs.

  9. I think we’re tree shopping and, um, cleaning or something. I’ve been working so much lately I have no idea if I’m coming or going anymore.

  10. At the moment I’m wondering if there’s anyone, anywhere, besides David Stern who thinks it made sense to fine the Spurs for resting their players. The early evidence suggests “no”.

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