Holy cow, is tomorrow Friday already?

Indeed it is.

We’ve taken care of a number of chores this week, most important was the one where we finally decided that, as grownups, we should probably switch from the Lovesac in the library to, oh, a futon or something. Our friends/family who stay over from time to time are no longer well within the “OH, SWEET A BEANBAG!” phase of their lives.

Anybody need a beanbag?

Anyway, this weekend will be devoted to getting the library prepped and my staying out of the way of Maribou who has, apparently, one kabillion homework assignments due. (Seriously, once she’s out of school, we’re going to have to learn how to not do anything at the same time all over again.)

So… what’s on your docket?


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  1. Basketball practice tomorrow night, game on Saturday, Hannah’s baseball practice/first meet. The rest of Saturday, maybe I’ll get ahead on my homework.

    Sunday we have a meeting with a financial adviser about college planning, so I’ll probably be drinking heavily right after that.

  2. Well my whiteboard arrives tomorrow, thus completing my office; I will celebrate by playing Ni No Kuni all weekend.

  3. Actually I only have a half-kabillion homework assignments due… which means that I am (perhaps vainly) hoping to get caught up and maybe even ahead of the game, easing things for the next kabillion weekend.


  4. The bookclub we started at work will have our first discussion tomorrow. I may try to go see Django Unchained tomorrow night.

  5. Annual Valentine’s Daddy-Daughter Dance. My antepenultomate year of having to suffer through Butterfly Kisses and the Cha Cha Slide.

    And first round of championship swim meets, which means a trip to Grand Rapids and a chance for the Dutch-Indo spouse to stock up on goodies from the Dutch store. (About he only thing those damn Calvinists are good for.)

  6. Big storm coming, though thus far, seems much ado about nothing. They keep referring to it as a ‘historically big storm’, though I think they are judging its size based on the scope of the area affected, not the actual amount of snowfall. I spent 5 winters and Boston and we had 3 36+ inch snowfalls in that time. I struggle to see how 24 inches could be “historic”. Anyway, they’ve already closed school for the day and most of our weekend plans will probably be snowed out. I’ll continue ripping out carpet in the bedrooms and we prepare to get the floors redone.

  7. I hear we are going to have sun this weekend! Perhaps I will try to find something to do in my yard. I will be going to the theater with a coworker on Saturday to see The Huntsmen at the Portland Playhouse.

  8. Heading to New Orleans tomorrow. We usually only go to the big city for the Sunday parades, but this year the weather is iffy on Sunday so we’re heading out in the morning and will catch the Saturday parades. If the weather cooperates we will stay and watch the Sunday day parades.

  9. There’s no NFL anymore! What ever shall I do with my Sundays? Play with my dogs, probably. And I’ll cook something, maybe some nice fish.

    • YAY CARNAVAL. (hard to think of it here, where it snows at night, yes, but then melts in the 10-20 C afternoon weather.)

  10. Taking my daughter out for her birthday to a live Whose Line is it, Anyway? show. No Wayne or Colin, but it should still be great fun.

    • Yeah, but is Drew going to be there? The guy’s a libertarian, you know, and you want to be careful what you expose your daughter to.

      By the way, what’s this I keep hearing on the news about Schilling and performance enhancing drugs? Is that how you became such a good commenter?

      • Drew was OK as the host, but when he got onto the stage and tried to perform with the guys who knew what they were doing, it was just embarrassing. (If you want to consider that a metaphor, feel free.)

        As for cousin Curt [1] being a jerkass who lies to make himself look better, well, nothing new there.

        1. Not really.

        • If only I had a schilling for every time someone lied about PED.

  11. We’re taking baby girl to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens this afternoon. Tomorrow, as usual, is cleaning and laundry.

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