So I’ve had opportunity to play Netrunner again. Those of you who are familiar with the game: it’s the same game mostly… the price of having all of the cards right out of the box is that they’ve taken away tuning one’s deck.

For those of you who haven’t played, there are two (and only two) sides. There are four corporations (Jinteki, NBN, Haas-Bioroid, and Weyland Consortium) and three runner types (Anarch, Criminal, and Shaper). You start with 28 foundational cards (these cards will be in every deck you make) and then pick one of the “personality” decks of 22 cards and shuffle them. Each of the 22 card flavor decks feels *VERY* different from the others. NBN, for example, is a News Corporation. Hass-Bioroid is company that seems to do something involving cloning. The runners, however, have somewhat less different feels (Criminals will want to run every turn if they can, Shapers, however, will want to make prep for the one big run… that sort of thing).

The game is scored through use of “agenda points”. The corporation has them, the runner wants them. The Corporation has several “nodes” that will be the target of runs. HQ (the corp’s hand), R&D (the corp’s deck), Archives (the corp’s trash pile), and any number of nodes that the corp feels like building. (At *LEAST* one. Probably two or three.) The corporation will protect these nodes with “ice” (code gates, sentries, black ice): programs that protect the node. Runners have devices and programs that help them break various kinds of ice. Oh, of course, and both decks have tons and tons of cards that give them money… which they both will need in spades. It costs money to protect agendas, after all. It costs money to install programs. And you’ll never ever have enough.

All in all, it’s great to have it back in the rotation.

So… what are you playing?


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  1. I actually played the original Netrunner, back in the day. I think the customisation will increase as the expansion packs come out, there are a couple out already.

    I’m still playing Fallout: New Vegas. I’ve played through Honest Hearts and found it utterly bland. I’m playing through Old World Blues right now, and I’m enjoying that a lot more.

    • I’ve got two of three expansion packs. I tried to buy the first on Amazon, it said that it was out of stock. I found a website that said “WE’VE GOT IT IN STOCK” and placed my order and, of course, it was backordered the second they got my credit card info.


  2. As you know, I rely heavily on your advice concerning games.
    You called Civ V right. The social policies make it a much different games, and expanding to as many cities as you can early on isn’t such a good strategy.

    But it was the original Shadowrun game that I bought the Genesis for.
    Would you give your solicited opinion of the PC game?

    • I got really confused there for a second because the only PC game that I know about for Shadowrun is the one from 2007 that said “Let’s make it a First Person Shooter!”

      There are a handful of skills that have names similar to names in the tabletop Shadowrun game… but, if we’re talking about the same game, don’t even bother.

      Instead, get ready to hold your breath because the guys who made the Witcher are making a game called Cyberpunk 2077.

      CD Projekt, the guys behind this game, are the real deal. Remember how we used to feel about Bioware?

      Yeah. That’s how I’m trying to hold myself back from feeling about CD Projekt.

      There’s also a Kickstarter-based “Shadowrun Returns” game scheduled to come out this summer… but I knew nothing about it until I started googling. (It looks good too. But it doesn’t have me antsy like Cyberpunk 2077 does.)

      • And I realize that Cyberpunk 2077 comes out in 2015 and Shadowrun Returns comes out this summer so my priorities are totally screwed up.

        • man i thought it was 2014 and now i’m all sad and stuff. boo!

          on the other hand at least it will be pretty dang great – i assume. i know nothing of the background, etc. so long as they skip the sexytimes card stuff.

          if the witcher 3 ends up being good as well and doesn’t get console-borked i’ll be a happy bro that year.

          i’ve never played any of the shadowrun stuff but 15 bucks for a preorder seems decent.

    • I remember the Shadowrun game for the Genesis. The story wasn’t… well. It wasn’t *THAT* great. The gameplay, however, was *AMAZING*. Specifically, the hacking into corporations. That looked like Cyberspace back when people said stuff like “Cyberspace”.

      Compare to the SNES Shadowrun which had an *AMAZING* story but the dumbest hacking, like, *EVER*. I keep hoping that they’ll figure out a way to merge both of those things.

      These guys look like they’ve captured the SNES aesthetic. Sadly, I haven’t seen anything that tells me that Sega-style hacking is back.

      But, in digging for *THAT*, I found out about a little game called “cyberdeck”.

      I probably should stop looking. I’m finding new addictions with every turn.

      • Both of those look pretty cool.

        I’d always thought the biggest failure of the Genesis Shadowrun was that the areas in the city are really limited. A good distinction between areas though.
        You can only ask so much from a Genesis though.

        I don’t care for the idea of a Doom with a Shadowrun overlay. It’s still Doom.

        Thanks for looking into that.

  3. My friend and former roomate Eric, got super-hooked on Netrunner, and bought core sets for me and a few other friends so that we’d get hooked on it too. He’s out of town, so we’ve mostly been playing over Octgn — a virtual tabletop that supports Netrunner and other LCGs.

    I usually run Shaper (and get my but kicked by his NBN decks). Haven’t played corp as much — I don’t have a good feel for building corp decks yet. I finally built a HaasBioroid deck that I’m comfortable with, and am eager to test it out.

    If Jaybird or anyone else is interested in playing Netrunner over Octgn, shoot me an e-mail.

    • Octgn? I’d *LOVE* to play Netrunner!

      I just don’t know what Octgn is.

      Time to jump on the Google…

      • alanrileyscott at gmail dot com. And I’m arscott on Octgn

  4. Still mostly digging holes.

    I’ve been asked to learn a new class in TF2 so I can fill a spot for the upcoming team. The class I actually know how to play, solider, we already have several folks who can play and aren’t in a position to learn the one we don’t have anyone that can play – demoman.
    So, I’ve started to spend a lot of time realizing I’ve spent 250 hours playing that class the wrong way and re-learning everything.

    I swear when work slows down I’m going to start playing Orcs Must Die!

      • I only do games that are a lifestyle, anything I start and don’t do a few hours I won’t ever go back to.
        Waiting means I’m taking it very seriously.

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