I have most recently picked up some Solzhenitsyn to read (and I invite you to join the Solzhenitsyn book club we’re doing on the main page!). The whole comparison of two different versions thing is something that I always enjoy and, in this case, we’re dealing with an uncensored vs. a censored version which adds another level of “okay, what’s going on here?” *AND* I’m reading Good Omens *AND* I’m reading Sandman.

This is exhausting.

So… what are you reading and/or watching?


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  1. Dr. Who on the DVR this morning – Moffat writes the best episodes of Nu Who but this wasn’t one of them. (why go expository on all the plot mysteries in the cold open?). Pacing was all off too, I blame the director, but I’m no film critic so I don’t know if I’m miss applying blame. Plus, I had similar problems on both plotting and pacing with the Xmas special.

    Also up to the 2nd episode of The Americans, and I’m hooked. (though as someone who grew up in the Virginia DC suburbs, essentially the same age as the son is supposed to be and practically the next neighborhood over from where they are supposed to live, there isn’t quite enough “80’s” and “DC” in the set designs.) (also, we know what Kerri Russell looks like when she was younger, so the flashbacks are also a hair off-key)

  2. I finished watching Game of Thrones Season 2 (paging KatherineMW to write a guest post about it!!!). Eyeing Quantum Leap again (I found the 2nd episode less irritating than the first, usually a good sign. I often don’t *like* pilots, compared to the rest of the show).

    I finished reading a very depressing yet lovely book about orcas and the exxon valdez spill, and I’m still working on a book of Marge Piercy poems, and I started reading this regency-adventure hybrid with a 12-year-old heroine… mostly, though, I have been skimming pdfs about the FDLP and about cataloging zines.

    • I can definitely do a guest post on Game of Thrones! Any particular points you’d like me to cover?

      • Nope, just curious as to whatever YOU want to talk about… they definitely did make a lot of changes, and I suppose I am curious to know what you thought about them, good, bad or indifferent 🙂

    • FTR – once you get used to the hoky 80s stuff, Quantum Leap is a lot of fun. There is something nifty in every episode so far…

  3. I had Good Friday off, so I got in a lot of watching and reading over the weekend. I watched Season 1 of BBC’s Sherlock, which was damn good.

    I got in a few episodes of Blackadder Goes Forth. Still very funny, if not as good as Series 2 and 3.

    I also started watching the original Battlestar Galactica. I am four episodes in, and so far I have been pleasantly surprised. I expected it to be cheesy, and that I would have to overlook the fact that it is a 30+ year old show. In fact, I thought it was a very good show that stands up very well. It did not seem particularly dated, and I think the visual effects are well done for TV. The only complaint so far is that they shoehorned in the cute kid and robot dog.

    I did watch the first 2 seasons of the reboot a few years ago, and I plan to revisit that. It is definitely interesting to note the similarities and differences between the two.

    • I forgot to mention: I introduced my son to Monty Python and the Holy Grail over the weekend. He enjoyed it. However, I do not think he is quite ready for Life of Brian or The Meaning of Life yet.

        • Of course. It got the most laughs of the whole thing. I am sure there were jokes that he missed, or only partially got. He is 12, and I think he is a bit more naive than many 12 year olds. I imagine that the details of a peasant explaining syndicalism and tyranny to King Arthur largely went over his head, even if the essence of the scene was probably understood. I am not sure if he completely understood what was going on in Castle Anthrax, even if the idea of a bunch of ladies begging for a spanking is humorous.

          A guy with his arms and legs cut off calling a guy a coward for leaving while blood is spurting out of his stumps? Than kind of humor transcends language.

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