Well, in “Good Omens”, the deliveryman has made his last delivery. In The First Circle, I’ve learned the intentions of The Double Agent. In Babylon 5, my friends are trying to explain to me the ways the different races view the “UN”, if you will, that is the space station. Personally, I like the whole “let’s make the aliens be Eastern Europeans” thing that they’ve got going on. Oh, and I watched “Rise of the Guardians” which, for a movie as wrong-headed as it is, you’d think it’d be less boring. But no religion, of course.

So… what are you reading and/or watching?


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  1. I have an Orphan Black & a Hannibal to catch up on, plus GoT and Mad Men are on tonight, so there’s a high chance of Glyph being very tired at work tomorrow.

    • Oh, I forgot I hadn’t watched Hannibal this week! It’s one of two shows that my girlfriend can watch together without one of us groaning, so I have to keep up.

      I’m actually starting The Fringe (just watched Season 1, Episode 2, so I’ll catch up with ya’ll in a year or two). I’ve been sick all weekend (thus warranting breaking my no reading blogs on the weekend rule), and it’s resulted in me finishing Season 4 of Damages, starting The Fringe, and watching a bit of Wallander.

      • I really thought Hannibal would be a total waste of time but so far I am really enjoying it.

        I don’t think my wife will be watching it with me anymore, as there was a scene that made me wince and kind of hold up an eye-shielding hand, and she is far more sensitive to such material than I.

        We watched the 1st ep of NZ miniseries Top of the Lake together last night – it appears to be a sort of Twin Peaks-y mystery with Elisabeth Moss and Holly Hunter doing that usual Holly Hunter speech pattern thing in it.

      • Dude. You will *LOVE* Walter.

        The Fringe is one of those shows that has *ACTIVELY* contributed to my living a good life. There have been times where I have said “I should just get water with lemon” but, instead, have said “you know what? Give me a root beer float”.

        Thanks, Walter.

        • The last episode I watched late last night before falling into a cold medicine-induced stupor was season 1 episode 4, and Walter ordered his first root beer float. It’s also the episode in which stuff got real. For the first 3 episodes, which includes a 2 hour pilot, I was thinking, “Yeah, this is basically the X-Files with a corporation in place of the government,” and then episode 4 comes and BAM! tvnag zrgny fhccbfvgbevrf fgneg cbccvat bhg bs gur tebhaq, jngpurq ol jrveq n jrveq, ntryrff, unveyrff, fcvpl-sbbq rngvat cflpuvp qhqr jvgu shghevfgvp ovabphynef jub vf irel pyrneyl abg sebz urer (ng yrnfg abg pbzcyrgryl).

  2. I will be watching Game of Thrones and Once Upon a Time, which are about as different as two fantasy series can be, but both enjoyable.

  3. More Arrested Development. I am nearly caught up, so I might be ready when the new Season is released on Netflix.

    I got in a little more Battlestar Galactica.

    I also started on Babylon 5.

    I did not get around to watching the Evangelion reboots. Since I was painting minis, my attention was split. The movies are very visual, so I want to make sure I will be paying full attention.

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