We need a name for the B5 bookclub.  I confess, I’ve been stumped.  Too many sound terrible.

Give me some suggestions in the comments, if you’ve got any.  Tonight I’ll be posting the first post for “Midnight on the Firing Line” (ya’ll have watched the episode already, right?  If not, it’s available on the web.  The quality is not awesome, but “free” is nice, and if you haven’t watched it yet, you can cram in 43 minutes some time between now and 10pm PDT, right?



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  1. Babble On
    Before Borge [1]
    Iraq and a Hard Place
    Sumer Better Than None
    A Mess o’ Potamia
    The Lion’s Den
    Feet of Clay

    1. B5 is “before” in Victor Borge’s inflationary language.

  2. I won’t be watching cuz I really don’t have the time and the first time through was via DVD’s from Netflix, which is inconvenient on the road. But I’ll likely be following along the discussion based on what I remember.

    The visual quality is sort of interesting. IIRC, the live scenes, which is most of it, were originally shot on film with the CGI sfx done on something like a Commodore 64 (only half-kidding. This is from what, twenty years ago?). Anyway, when they transferred to DVD they rescanned at a higher resolution but the fx were stuck at whatever they originally made them at. So some scenes look funky with hi-res people and low-res effects intermixed. I can only imagine what that’s going to look like on an HDTV.

  3. From

    Babylon is an important Rastafari term, referring to human government and institutions that are seen as in rebellion against the rule of Jah (God), beginning with the Tower of Babel. It is further used by some to mean specifically the ‘politricksters’ who have been oppressing the black race for centuries through economic and physical slavery. In a more general sense, Babylon refers to any system that oppresses or discriminates against all peoples. Rastafari is defiance of Babylon, sometimes also called Rome — in part because of the 1935 Italian invasion of Ethiopia, then ruled by Rastafari’s ‘Living God,’ Haile Selassie I, and partly because as the head of the Roman Catholic church (the Pope) is considered an opponent of Selassie I and Rastafari. Babylon the Great and Whore of Babylon are apocalyptic terms from the book of Revelation that may have been used to describe the pagan Roman Empire, which often persecuted Christianity. Babylon is also sometimes used by some Rastas with the more specific meaning of “police”, insofar as they are seen as executive agents of Babylon’s will. Most specifically however, “Babylon” is the corruption and perversion of the Word of God. The amalgamation of Pagan holidays and days of the week is but one example of “Mystery Babylon”. Major Church feasts were adopted from pagan holidays, e.g. Christmas from Saturnalia. The perversion of truths is “Babylon”. Anything that is a lie regarding the truth of Jah, is the actual root of what is considered “Babylon” by Rastafari.

    No religion, of course.

  4. Or maybe Club is Mother, Club is Father

    Walking in the Dark Places No Others Will Enter…

    The Ones Who Are…

    Who Are You?

  5. Alternatively, why can’t we just call it Bookclub, the way we did Fringe? All that’s happened is that we’re moving on to a new show.

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