Okay, it’s my last go-around with all of the (awesome!) advice I got in my Advice! thread. Behind the cut, expect to find music videos, rambling thoughts, and general recommendations.

Back to Blaise’s recs, he suggested RJD2, an artist I’d never heard of and so I put him in the google and Ghostwriter was the first song that came up, from there, I listened to Smoke and Mirrors but it wasn’t until the third song I listened to that I found the one that I’d want everybody else to listen to:

He reminds me a little bit of Moby.

Next, I listened to Fat Jon the Ample Soul Physician:

Holy cow, I said. I need to buy that album. (It’s called Afterthought. I listened to more Youtubes and quickly came to the conclusion that, yep, the whole album is this good.)

Kimsie told me about Yellow Magic Orchestra which is Japan’s answer to Kraftwerk. But if I just *SAY* that, you’ll say “oh yeah?” so I’ll go on to say “here’s them on Soul Train”. And, no, not on Soul Train right before Don Cornelius hung it up. Soul Train in *1980*. You can Pop to this. You can Lock to this.

Aaron David (or, to be more precise, aaron david), then won the “GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!!!!” award for suggesting Sister Crayon. Dude. This is *EXACTLY* what I was looking for.

Get out of my head.

That’s off the album Bellow. I bought it. I’d say “you should too” but… you know. I don’t want to tell you how to live.

Chris then proved he was the Mix Master with his comment here.

I can’t possibly link to all of his songs, but here are two of them:

Green Street’s Justice has this as the top comment: “My´╗┐ Neck hurts.(pause) #Dope”
In a sane world, the person writing it would have stopped after the period.

We don’t live in that world, however. Grab some IcyHot and listen to this:

And, while all of his songs were, as the kids say, bangin, the other one that grabbed me by my particulars and made me pay attention was this one:

Pay attention to the organ. That’s a Hammond. Reminds me of… Alas. It reminds me of a lot. Anyway, I’d like to thank *ALL* of everybody for offering me music advice. I’ve got 7 albums that I didn’t have before and, lemme tell ya, you’re a lot more awesome than that Record Store Guy who probably whistles when he’s doing nothing more than standing there in a stiff breeze.

Big love to all y’all. I hope this music brought you as many slack-jawed moments as it brought me.


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