I’m still reading the same books (First Circle, Good Omens) and still watching the same shows (Babylon 5) as I have been these last few weeks (months). No real updates there. I am pleased to say that the little deli I visit on Friday nights during the school year (great sandwiches, college students manning the till) had someone behind the counter ask me “Have you ever heard of Sandman?” the other day and I was able to get into a very good discussion with her about the books. (She’s just recently finished the ghost detectives story in Season of Mists, you see…)

So it’s funny how little moments of coincidence happen. Surely they happen all the time, it’s just that I don’t remember the times when someone asks me if I’ve read Sue Grafton. (My only experience with Sue Grafton was arranging the “Letter is for Word” books on the shelf at the book store Maribou used to work at to spell funny words. They were only up to “P” so I had to work at it.)

So… what are you reading and/or watching?


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  1. Reading: The Once & Future King (still) & A Clash of Kings. Hmmm. I need some more “King” books (I guess Sandman counts too, since he’s the Dream King). What’s with all the royalty?

    Watching: This week’s Hannibal was fan-freakin’-tastic (Gillian Anderson!). I really, really hope NBC renews the show…tune in, people. I understand your skepticism, I wouldn’t have believed me either, but it’s tearin’ it up right now.

  2. Finished a charming little frippery of a book called Kat, Incorrigible today. Reading Burkeman’s The Antidote, which is delightful and very very British, and Wyclef Jean’s new autobiography, which is … hard to put down :D. I caught up on Unwritten this week, too.

    I’ve started watching the Seven Up series of documentaries, which are fascinating not only for the reasons they were fascinating when first published, but also (so far) for the historical aspects.

  3. Watching Eureka, watching Arsenal desperately try to cling to 4th position in the Premier League, and reading In the First Circle, which has completely flipped the script on my reread of The Wheel of Time.

  4. I am reading The Dragon Reborn, which I am now absolutely certain I did not read before.

    I watched this week’s episode of B5. I also got in a little bit of the second season of Community. I cannot put my finger on why, perhaps just because it seems to have gone a little too far over the top, but I do not enjoy it as much as the first season. Then again, I did not enjoy the end of the first season as much as the earlier episodes.

  5. I’m watching banned anime (at least I think it was banned…).

  6. Nudge.

    The B5 post probably won’t be up until tomorrow evening. Paper’s due tomorrow. Mother’s Day was busy.

    I need more coffee.

    • Understood. We’ll have a game announcement up tonight (clear out Saturday’s calendar!)

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